1984 Belgian Grand Prix

Grand Prix de Belgique

Sunday, April 29, 1984
Warm, dry and sunny
Fastest Lap:
Arnoux, 1m19.294
1984 season:

From the Motor Sport Archive

Zolder, April 29th

When the Belgian Grand Prix returned to the Spa-Francorchamps circuit last year, everyone was delighted and full of enthusiasm for a real Grand Prix de Belgique and the general feeling was that there need be no further discussion; the Belgian race was back at its rightful home and there it would stay. However, those who thought that overlooked one small but important point, which was the fact that the owners of the Zolder-Terlamen circuit in the Flemish part of Belgium, had spent millions of Belgian francs on circuit improvements at the behest of FISA and FOCA . The whole paddock and pits area had undergone an enormous and impressive rebuild to bring it up to the desired standards and in 1982 everyone had been very satisfied with the results. No matter how popular the return to Spa-Francorchamps had been, the Zolder-Terlamen people were not going to relinquish their country's Grand Prix as easily as that, and who can blame them, for they saved the event in the early 1970s when Spa-Francorchamps had foundered and the Nivelles-Baulers Autodrome fell flat on its back. Much as we all enjoyed the new Spa-Francorchamps circuit last year when the Grand Prix de Belgique was re-instated in the foothills of the Ardennes, we had to face facts and return to the flatness of Limburg and tricky little Zolder circuit in the woods of Terlamen for 1984.

Skies were clear and blue, and the sun shone brilliantly throughout the three days of the 1984 Grote Prijs van Belgie, making the whole scene almost tolerable and a smoothly run race, trouble-free and well organised, did much to alleviate the sadness at not being able to return to Spa-Francorchamps until 1985. It gives us something to look forward to.