1984 San Marino Grand Prix

Gran Premio di San Marino

Sunday, May 6, 1984
Warm, dry and sunny
Fastest Lap:
Piquet, 1m33.275
1984 season:

From the Motor Sport Archive

Imola, May 6th

One thing about Italians, you know exactly where you stand with them; they are either deliriously happy or tragically sad, there is nothing in between. When they are happy they let you know in no uncertain manner, with cheering and shouting, flag waving, arm waving, jumping up and down and anything else they can think of to express their joy. When they are sad there is nothing, merely a total silence and a greyness that could be cut with a knife. There is no such thing as “the grim smile” or “the stiff upper lip” in Italian life.

The Italian motor racing enthusiast is a simple soul. A Ferrari winning is happiness, a Ferrari losing is sadness, that is all there is to life and the whole three days of the fourth San Marino GP was total sadness, and the weather did not help. When we arrived in Milan on the Thursday the rain was pouring down and the direction signs reading Autostrada delle Sole should have been changed to Autostrada delle Pioggia. As Modena and then Bologna came into view the rain stopped pouring down, but that was all you could say, the whole area of Emilia was grey and foreboding. I was looking forward to this Grand Prix for Imola is a splendid circuit, calling for skill and bravery, it is fast, it climbs and falls, the surroundings are pleasant and the memories of last year’s race still linger. If you haven’t savoured a Ferrari victory in an Italian race you haven’t savoured Grand Prix racing and with Alboreto’s fine victory in the Belgian GP only days old the anticipation of another memorable Grand Prix of San Marino was uppermost in the minds of most enthusiasts. The anticipation of the forthcoming excitement even made the dull grey skies bearable.