1992 Spanish Grand Prix

Gran Premio Tio Pepe de Espana

Sunday, May 3, 1992
Cool and wet
Fastest Lap:
Mansell, 1m42.503
1992 season:

From the Motor Sport Archive

After a six-month rest from actually being part of the Formula One 'Worldwide Bernie's Circus' I went to the Spanish Grand Prix, on the new circuit northeast of Barcelona, with a fairly clear mind. During the off-period I had kept abreast of who was doing what, and who was going where and the general scene of Formula One as a distant observer. An informal lunch back in January with Patrick Head, Frank Williams and Adrian Newey, in company with my more knowledgeable press colleagues, at the Williams factory in Didcot, set the scene for 1992.

We came away instilled with the quiet air of confidence that was emanating from the Williams-Renault team. There was no suggestion of over-confidence, but no matter which aspect of the whole Williams-Renault team you looked at, it was strong. Not necessarily the strongest, but everything was on a solid footing and there were no weak points, very much like Patrick Head himself!

When you looked at the opposition there were question marks and unknown factors. Things like a change of management, a change of drivers, a new engine, new chassis, a change of factory, a change of sponsors and so on. Nobody could really say they were carrying on where they left off in 1991. Williams-Renault were even stronger on this count, because they were not 'carrying on where they had left off’ for the simple reason that they had never 'left off’. 1992 was a logical and balanced continuation of 1991.

The fact that they swept the board in the first three races was no real surprise to those of us who had been at lunch with Frank and Patrick; the surprise was by how much they swept the board, with a lot in reserve and ready to add to their armoury.