Thanks a million!

Nissan celebrated selling their millionth car in Britain, last month by introducing four new models, all of which will be on sale by mid-summer. The first, and most exciting of these, is the 300ZX sports coupe powered by a new aluminium-alloy V6 engine which develops 170 bhp in normally aspirated form, or 228 bhp in turbocharged form.

The 300ZX is sold in "Targa" form, and the Turbo version, which has a drag co-efficient of 0.30, is said to be capable of 150 mph. Those who felt that the "Zee" lost character when developed from the 240 to the 260, and latterly the 280, may find that Nissan's latest model recaptures the appeal of the original Japanese sports car; the British importer plans to market 2,500 300ZXs in the coming year.

Following the ZX in quick succession will come the all-new Bluebird saloon, the stylish Silvia Coupe (which has a 1.8-litre turbocharged engine) and the latest 3000C luxury model.