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Page 88, February 2014

F1 season review

The Motor Sport team shared responsibility for Formula 1 coverage last season. Here are some personal highlights of 19 Grands Prix won by five drivers on as many continents Nigel Roebuck“When I think back to the 2013 season, I’ll remember primarily Vettel – and Pirelli.” Sebastian Vettel recently said he was concerned that the new technical regulations for 2014 might have an adverse effect on the...

Page 26, December 2012

Nigel Roebuck

Ni e Roebuck REFLECTIONS A s ant case of over-snahng The de gntfu ncorrectness of Sd WatKns very Decei er, among the Christmas coif ds, one of those duplicated letters Alves. It is from a lady I do not know, now married to a long-departed neighbour, and it tells me — in suffocating detail — of the lives of every member of her family this year past. Her husband apart, I have never met any of them...

Page 26, October 2010

This month on the Motor Sport website

Forum Focus Within a few minutes of posting the Hungarian GP report online, the comments flowed in. A few lauded Mark Webber for his drive, and a few praised Vitaly Petrov for out-qualifying team-mate Robert Kubica for the first time. But the majority focused on the driving of a certain M Schumacher and his move on Rubens Barrichello. “Schumacher is back to his old self,” said Paal Hanson. “He...

Page 16, August 1999

Le Mans 1999

After the most talked-about race for years, Andrew Frankel laments that a flying circus distracted attention away from BMW's win, and predicts new players in this ever-enthralling arena. I can't remember ever before feeling sorry for the team that won Le Mans, but as I left the track this year, my heart went out to Gerhard Berger, Charly Lamm, the drivers, engineers and mechanics of BMW's works...

Page 15, September 2010

Nigel Roebuck

REFLECTIONS Optimism replaces oppression at Silverstone More bad feeling in the Red Bull wing… Patrick Depailler – F1’s automotive SAS man There was something strange about Silverstone this year, and it was not simply to do with changes to the circuit, major though these were. It was oddly unsettling to find the familiar bridge before Copse gone – for how many years had one tramped over it en...

Page 60, April 2012

What's New in F1 2012

New faces, new cars and new tracks will all play their part in the Grand Prix season ahead. As for the car regs, the devil – as usual – will be in the detail Sebastian has improved and is stronger than ever”, Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz recently told Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport. “He has prepared during the winter break like he’s never done before.” Not great news if you’re Mark...

Page 64, February 2012

In his happy place

If Jenson Button justified his move to McLaren in 2010, last season he went some way to making the team his own Looking back, it seems ludicrous that the end of 2008 saw Jenson Button facing the scrap heap. With only one Grand Prix victory to his credit, the end of the road loomed as Honda pulled out. Then came the fairy tale World Championship triumph with Brawn, the oh-so prescient move to...

Page 16, September 2008

Nigel Roebuck

Reflections – So, the British Grand Prix is saved. Or is it? – Lewis at Silverstone – a moment to savour – It’s time for Kimi to step up his game again He wasn’t to know it, but DC’s timing wasn’t the best. For some time the word had been that Sebastian Vettel would be partnering Mark Webber in the 2009 Red Bull team, as formally confirmed at Hockenheim, and Coulthard, at 37, had decided that the...

Page 8, November 2013

Matters of moment

Formula 1 driver racing a six-year-old up and down a shoe shop – on a spacehopper. As sponsor PR stunts go it was certainly “memorable”, as Mark Webber put it with Saharan understatement. The Aussie can at least console himself on such occasions by the paycheque he receives, but there’s clearly much about F1 he won’t miss when he walks away from Grand Prix racing at the end of this season....

Page 25, July 2011

Nigel Roebuck

REFLECTIONS - How F1 has gone from one extreme to the other - JYS on being global news and a fair deal for fans - News Corp, CVC and further troubles in F1 Though not absolute, as ule of thumb it seems increasingly to me t at one's attitude to the new rules in Formula 1 — KERS, DRS, short-lived tyres et al — may have something to do with the generation of motor racing in which one grew up, and...


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