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Page 26, January 2008


The spying game Sir, Peter Ray’s letter and photograph in the December issue made me wonder: does an organisation like McLaren – all things considered – really need access to another team’s knowledge before it considers an idea as mundane as inflating its tyres with an alternative gas? Or, come to think of it, to play around with something so basic as weight distribution during its own...

Page 24, February 2012

Nigel Roebuck

Reflections – The return of Räikkönen, the decline of Massa – How the party turned sour for Ireland at Lotus Save that the order was different – and unique in 2011 – with Mark Webber winning and Sebastian Vettel finishing second, the Grand Prix season finale in Brazil was pretty much a reflection of the whole year: the Red Bulls away on their own, with McLaren next up and then Ferrari (or, to be...

Page 66, January 2012

Lunch with... Christian Horner

In seven seasons, Horner has led Red Bull Racing from struggling F1 outfit to the dominant force in the pitlane. And all because he could admit to himself that he wasn’t going to be the next Vettel By Simon Taylor In the business world, management is all. The best managers earn the biggest salaries; companies with good profit growth are said to be well-managed. Management is studied at...

Page 50, June 2013

Nigel Roebuck

Thoughts on the artifice of contemporary Formula 1, the brittle nature of sporting relationships and the sense of duty that united team-mates in simpler, distant times... Lewis Hamilton took pole position for the Chinese Grand Prix, followed by Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso, but on race day their positions were reversed, with the Ferrari winning conclusively from the Lotus and the Mercedes....

Page 28, July 2004

Events of note

Goodwood Festival: It's a family affair With a central theme of 'Young Chargers, Old Masters', the greatest racing dynasties in the history of the sport will be celebrated during the 2004 Goodwood Festival of Speed. Every summer, Lord March and his team transform the grounds of Goodwood House into a glorious commemoration of everything that is wonderful about motorsport. Star names, star cars,...

Page 56, April 2010

"There are three sports in the world for us: soccer, tennis and Michael Schumacher!"

For his German fans, F1 is Michael Schumacher. But amid the huge excitement at his return, the man himself is taking a measured approach to racing a Grand Prix car once moreBy Adam Cooper On a Friday morning in August 1991, I was in the Jordan garage at Spa to watch Michael Schumacher take part in his first official session as a Grand Prix driver. Nearly 19 years later I made sure I was at...

Page 56, January 2014

Nigel Roebuck

Will the new F1 regulations destabilise Red Bull? When will one of the top teams see sense and sign Nico Hülkenberg? And has F1’s safety crusade taken a step too far? It is the evening of Sunday, November 17, as I write, and a few minutes ago a Texan lady in my hotel asked me what seemed to her a very reasonable question. “Is anyone else,” she said, “ever going to win another Grand Prix? I mean,...

Page 10, October 2005

Williams gets Cosworth for 2006

Williams has announced a return to Cosworth power for the 2006 Formula One season after its split with BMW --  but the big question is which of five men will form the team's driver pairing. Williams and Cosworth are bullish that they will be competitive next year, when F1 changes its engine regulations to 2.4-litre V8s. The tie-up will revive memories of Williams's first two World Drivers'...

Page 8, December 2005

Rosberg in at Williams

GP2 Series champion Nico Rosberg has taken the second drive in the Williams Formula One team for 2006. Rosberg, who races under the German flag in deference to his country of birth and his mother's nationality, will join Mark Webber at the team, which will use Cosworth engines next season. The news provides a romantic link with the past for Williams and Cosworth, which won the world title with...

Page 46, February 2011

Gold star for effort

The BRDC has come a long way under president Damon Hill. The swell of optimism at the club's annual awards reminded us that Silverstone and the British GP are in good hands These are good times for Britain's most prominent and important motoring club. Perhaps it's too early to say the dark days of relentless Silverstone-baiting are over — you never know with Bernie Ecclestone — but the 'home of...


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