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After 117 years: Triumph’s first GP win

MotoGP Opinion by Mat Oxley, January 11th 2017

Triumph has been around since 1902 but has never won a Grand Prix. That will...

How MotoGP engine-braking control works

MotoGP Opinion by Mat Oxley, January 4th 2017

High-performance MotoGP engines create a lot of negative torque on the overrun...

MotoGP 2017: revealing the factories’ R&D plans

MotoGP Opinion by Mat Oxley, December 28th 2016

We are in the midst of MotoGP’s winter testing ban but work never stops in race...

John McGuinness chases Ian Hutchinson

Opinion by Ed Foster, December 22nd 2016

During the Senior TT in 2016 John McGuinness spent some time chasing Ian...

How MotoGP anti-wheelie works

MotoGP Opinion by Mat Oxley, December 21st 2016

The second of our in-depth look at MotoGP rider aids explains how anti-wheelie...

MotoGP: bigger than Formula 1?

MotoGP Opinion by Mat Oxley, December 14th 2016

Why are more and more F1 fans watching MotoGP? And is this a good thing or a...

Watch: Vettel and Kimi drive the Daytona banking

Opinion by Web Editor, December 7th 2016

Ferrari F1 cars take to the Daytona banking for the first time, and Fernando...

How MotoGP traction control works

MotoGP Opinion by Mat Oxley, December 7th 2016

It’s one of the great mysteries of modern racing: how does traction control...

A WSB bike faster than a MotoGP bike?

Superbikes Opinion by Mat Oxley, November 28th 2016

Jonathan Rea gave himself and Kawasaki a huge boost when he outpaced half the...

Watch: Lorenzo drives the Mercedes W05

Opinion by Web Editor, November 23rd 2016

Three-time MotoGP champion Jorge Lorenzo swapped his Yamaha for a Mercedes at...


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