A Famous Motor Cyclist.



A Famous Motor Cyclist.

Motor-cyclists will be interested to hear that Col. T. E. Lawrence, the “Uncrowned King of Arabia,” whose latest book has created a sensation by being published at £4,000 a copy, is an enthusiastic rider of a Brough-Superior. Since 1922 Col. Lawrence has owned five machines of this make, which he has called” George I. “, “George II.” and so on, and on them he has covered 100,000 miles. In a letter to Mr. George Brough, the manufacturer, Col. Lawrence writes of the machines in glowing terms, saying that the SS. 100 holds the road extraordinarily, and that it is his “great game on a really pot-holed road to open up to 70 m.p.h. or so and feel the machine gallop ” ! He says that although he is not a speed merchant he rides far in the day at a fair average, often doing 500 miles and occasionally 700.

The 34 h.p. Raleigh.

The new 3i h.p. Raleigh motor-cycle is meeting with great success and it is evident, from the way it is sought after, that it is the type of machine which the public wants. This machine is now equipped with handlebars suitable either for solo or sidecar riding, and in every sense of the word this model is a general utility machine capable of high speed on the road. To-day the question of price is a very important one, and probably one reason for the popularity of this machine is that for the price of £45 the specification is very remarkable.

The latest model of this machine, which is called No. 21, has certain modifications which do not appear in the catalogue illustration. These include semi-sports handlebars, lower riding position and silencer with straight-through exhaust.