On June 5th next the Midland Automobile Club will commence an entirely new series of International Hill Climbs at Shelsley Walsh.

Very considerable improvements are being carried out to the Hill for the benefit of spectators and competitors, and a new series of records will begin owing to the change in the method of timing.

Instead of the light signal start as used in past climbs, cars will now be timed from strip to strip, the timing apparatus not being set in motion until the front wheels cross the start strip, and cutting it off at the finish strip. These new times will be interesting to compare with the old, and will show drivers the time lost in wheel spin on the start by the old method.

Entries for the classes will be subdivided into (a) Supercharged and (b) Non-supercharged cars, and special awards will be made for cars complying with the Regulations for the A.C.F. Sports Car Races and the T.T. In addition to these and the usual fastest time of day awards there will be one for the fastest time by a foreign driver, one for fastest time by a lady ; fastest tune by anyone that has not won a fastest time of day award at Shelsley since September 1932; fastest time by non-supercharged cars under and over 1,500 c.c., and the usual Class Cups. Mode of Runninq the Competition Entries will be divided into two groups :

1. Those which are considered by the Committee to be capable of climbing the Hill in under 46 seconds on a dry road.

2. Those which are considered by the Committee only capable of climbing the Hill in over 46 seconds on a dry road.

If the road is wet on the day of the Event, and to balance the morning and afternoon programme, the Stewards will have the power to increase this time of 46 seconds to one which they consider reasonable for a wet road. Time of Start

The Competition will commence at 10 a.m., when all cars in Group 2 will be run, each having two runs. The two fastest cars in each Sub-division of each class will qualify to nut in the afternoon final runs.

In the afternoon, starting at 2:30 p.m. cars in Group 1 will be run, each having two runs, the known first, second and third fastest cars being the first to ascend, after which cars will follow in their classes in programme order, together with the cars which have qualified from the morning runs.

Three Shelsley Challenge Badges will be introduced, to be held by the drivers gaining first, second and third fastest times. If they lose their positions at the next Event the Badges to be handed over to the new winners.

The Badges will be suitably designed and inscribed 1st (2nd or 3rd) fastest time at Shelsley Walsh ” ; on the reverse side the driver’s name, date and time will be engraved. The Badges will be designed for fixing to winners’ private cars.

Roughly the morning programme commencing at 10 a.m. should be over by 12.30. There will be an interval for lunch till 2.30 p.m. when the finals begin and should finish at 5 p.m.