BY AN ENTHUSIAST IN HOLLAND WHO WILL BE CONTRIBUTING AN ARTICLE EACH MONTH THESE few words are intended to tell you something about the Dutch racing-people and racing-enthusiasts and their club, the Netherlands’ Automobile Racing Club (NARC). Perhaps in England only the names of our drivers Herkuleyns and Hertzberger are known ; both race M.G.s ; Herkuleyns a 750 c.c. supercharged (compression ratio 17 to 1) and Hertzberger a 1,100 c.c. Magnette. He has also an Aston Martin. In February the ” Racing

Stable Holland ” was founded by Messrs. Berm, Deelen, Hugenholtz and Olieslager. They intend to take part in sports-car races with a 3-litre straight-eight Ballot. Perhaps some small cars will be raced too. There are not many racing-cars in Holland. Some people own Bugattis, mostly elderly 2 and 2.3-litres and there is a sprinkling of old French cars, some Alfas and a couple of fast M.G.8, but no racers. . The NARC has about 210 members, amongst whom are ” B. Bira ” and almost all Dutch Rallvits. ‘ Bud

(Bakker Schut), outright winner of the Monte Carlo Rally, has been a member since April 1937. By the Way, the NARC was only founded in December 1936. Honorary members are Lord Howe and Percy Bradley.

We had quite a jolly meeting on February 6th, on Schiphol Aerodrome, near Amsterdam, in honour of our Rally members. ” Bird “appeared in the morning, but having learned that we intended to pay homage to him and to generally make whoopee, he disappeared again, faster than ever. A little trial on that day was won by Gatsonides on the Rally Hillman. Barendrecht and de Boer finished second

and third. So the Rallyists scored heavily.

Plans are made in Holland to build a road-racing circuit near Apeldoorn. We have been behind too long in this matter, so we hope this plan will be a success. One Grand Prix is schemed, two 1 11-litre races, some sports-car races, a handicap race for Dutch drivers, and also three or four motor-cycle events. English

drivers will be heartily welcomed. As all is still in a very ” hush-hush ” state no further news can be supplied. In the near future a special sports-car business will be founded in Holland, only for sports and super sports-cars (please, none of that American tinware I), and I think quite a few will be bought in England. The big idea is to give a competent service to owners of Alfa, Bugatti, M.G., 0.11., Aston-Martin, Lamia, Bentley, Frazer-Nash and other sports arid racing-cars. A good tuning department will be established. I think it will be the meeting place of many enthusiasts of our racing game. Well, I’m closing

down till next month. Here’s to our splendid sport !