The total number of entries received for the R.A.C. Rally, which takes place during the last week in April and finishes at Blackpool, is 256. The provisional total of 257 has been reduced by one -owing to the withdrawal of a competitor who had entered a supercharged car. It is noteworthy that over thirty entries -were returned owing to the fact that they were received too late to comply with the regulations.

Forty-eight different makes of car are -represented in the entry, thirty-three .of which are British and fifteen foreign.

One hundred and forty-seven are closed cars, and. one hundred and nine open. The group for cars of over 15 h.p. is the largest with 111 entries ; there are ninetyseven in the over 10 h.p. and up to 15 h.p. group, and forty-eight in that for cars up to 10 h.p. The following tables show the number of entries from each of the five starting points and in each group respectively :—


The Coachwork Competition has attracted 114 entries, of which twentyeight are open cars, eleven two-door saloons, fifty-six four-door saloons, and nineteen drophead coupes. The following table shows the number of entries in each of the price classifi cations :—