B.A.R.C. Admission Charges

It is now possible to give the admission charges to Goodwood and Jersey. At Goodwood on Easter Monday the charges are 3s. 6d., 5s. and 10s. per person, inclusive of tax, depending on which enclosure is preferred. Children under 14 are to be admitted at half-price; so we must dig out our old school-caps. Reserved grandstand seats cost 20s., 25s. or 30s. according to location. Car park fees are 10s. for a car and 2s. 6d. for a motor-cycle inside the grounds or 5s. for a car and 1s. for a motor-cycle outside the grounds. B.A.R.C. members have to pay the same prices as the public, or, if they prefer, they may pay an additional subscription of £3 3s. a year (total subscription = £4 14s. 6d.), when free car-parking and free admission for the member and a lady to the three 1949 meetings will be granted. For this purpose, attractive lapel badges, like those of the pre-war B.A.R.C., will be issued. Alternatively, on payment of 30s. a member and guest will be admitted to the stands at any one meeting, but car-parking will be charged. Members can also introduce up to two guests to the stands at any one meeting on payment of 30s. for each guest. Members will, however, have access to their own enclosure and stands and the members' bar and cloakrooms. The meeting commences at 1.30 p.m. and full details of reserved seats, etc., are available from the B.A.R.C., 55, Park Lane, W.1. (GRO 4471-2). The nearest station is Chichester and coach services (details from Victoria Coach Station — SLO 0202) will be run from London and many South Coast towns.

For the Jersey Race on April 28th, B.A.R.C. members again have no special advantages, but may reserve stand seats in advance. Admission to the course is 2s. 6d. for children, 5s. for adults, and reserved seats in the stands cost £2 2s. and £3 3s. each. Tickets for the Race Ball cost 15s. each. Reservations should be sent to the Secretary, Jersey Road Race, Jersey. British Railways, Thos. Cook & Sons, Ltd., and British European Airways will operate travel facilities. Practising is on the evenings of April 26th and 27th.

In parenthesis, in 1939 the Brooklands Automobile Racing Club subscription was £5 5s., and granted the member and two ladies free admission to all meetings, of which there was one almost every week-end from March to October, free car-parking, free use of the Track on non-race days, free use of the clubhouse at all times, reduced subscription rates for his family and the right to introduce friends to the Members' enclosure on payment of 10s. for each lady, or 15s. for each gentleman. Thus we are reminded, once again, that the value of the pound has appreciably deteriorated in the last ten years.