The Aston-Martin Owners' Club is running no fewer than nine ears in this year's 24-Hour 13o1 d'Or sports car race on June 13rdi4t.11, and Very wisely and ambitiously it organised a " dress rehearsal " at Brands Hatch the other day, including pit-work, fuel consumption tests and night driving, the last-named the first time such a thing has been seen on a British track since Edge's 24-hour record at Brooklands in 1907, we believe. Omgmtalations to all concerned, partiettlarly to Jerry Ames who organised the thing. The club certainly keeps alive the spirit. behind the Bertelli and Bamford AstonMartins. Their hill-climb on April I411t is replaced by another event, but there will be driving-tests at Stapleford Tawney on May 20th. lion. Sec. : Dudley Corain. 554, Limpsfield Road, Upper Warlingham, Surrey.


The 5,r' tare to the National Committee rn cyeling has expressed himself as follows :— " It should not be forgotten that the only purpose of a cyclist's rear warning is to protect him front road users who are th.entselves breahitil! the law by driving at an excessive naco ill relation to the condi! ions ()I' lit V.In \chid( ease,

if this is logic, heavy lorries and steam rollers also require no twill's I Indeed, eventually the happy state of affairs. could arise where one maker and one maker only of private cars would proudly advertise : " The XYZ 300--proved the fastest car on the road ; rear lamp compulsory by Scotland Yard's findings."


We Ra.Ve UN been asked to publish this but we think that many of Our readers will be glad to know that Brands Hatch circuit is available for testing most weekdays. It should be booked in advance (Mr. Hall, Tel. : West Ash 253), and we believe the fee is 30s, for two half-days or 50s. for a whole day. Tea and cakes are available in the pavilion but, naturally, petrol supplies and covered bays as at Brooklands cannot be expected at a venue so recently established. However, the spectators do get 3 view round the entire onemile tarmac t )IIrSC, which includes two

long SWeetei and a right-hand bend, awl the faster sports cars (so far racing has been confined to " 500s ") have reached over 90 m.p.h.. along the home straight where the open grandstand. is situated.