R. Restricted Event. C. Closed Event. C.I. Closed Invitation Event. N.

National Event. I. = Internationed Event.

lst.—Bugatti O.C. Trial. Salty. Chester M.C. Trial, N. Wales.

Horsham & Dist. KC. Trial, Horsham. C.1.

W. Essex C.C. Speed Trial, Bore-. ham, near Chelmsford, 10 a.m. C.

Hagley & Dist L.C.C. Rally, Ludlow. C.

Plymouth M.C. Trial, Devon.


Berkhamsted & D.M.C. & C.C. Winwood Cup Standard Car Trial, " King's Arms," Berkluonsted. C.

4th--8th.----isle of Wight C.C. Rally, Hyde. C.I.

7t1t.—Laneashire A.C. Trial, Lanes.


Liverpool M.C. Speed. Trial, Cheshire. C.

Veteran C.C. of G.B.

Hoskins Arms, Oxted, noon. C. Vintage S.C.C. Trial, Ilkley. C. 7th/8th.--Citroen C.C. Night Trial, Hatfield, 9.30 p.m. C. 8th.M.G. C.C. ( N AV.). Trial, N. Wales.

Falkirk & M.C. Trial, C. Scotland. C.

half-lit re Club. Race Meeting, Brands Hatch. C.

M id-I Ierhyshire M.C. Trial, Derbyshire. C.

Riley M.C. (N.W.). Speed Trial.


Sunbeam-Talbot O.C. Rally, Blandford. C.

12th.—Ornagh M.C. Trial, Omagh. C.

14th.—AstonMartin O.C. Speed Event. C.I.

14th.—Rhyl & Dist. M.C. Rally, N. Wales. C./.

I.C. Race Meeting, Goodwood. C.

Manchester I Tr' V. M.C. Trial, Derbyshire. C.

V.S.C.C. (Light Car Section) Opening Rally, Adstock. C. 1,4th.--15th.—Sunbeam Talbot O.C. Blaekpool.

Pathfinders & Derby. M.C. Rally.


W. Hants. & Dorset C.C. Night Trial. C.

14th.-16th.--Aberdeen & Dist. M.C. Three-day Trial, Aberdeen. C. 1501.-131ackpool & Fylde M.C. Trial,

Lanes. C.

M.G. C.C. (N.B.). Trial, Yorkshire. C.

Centian M.C. Trial, Chilterns. C. Morgan Three-Wheeler Club Speed Trials, Madresfield. C.

21st.--Ifalf-1,itre Club. Race Meeting, Brands Hatch. C.

Bristol M.C. & L.C.C. and Hants. & Berks. M.C. Trial, Castle Combe, 9 a.m. C.

W. England M.C. Trial, S. Devon.


N. Ireland M.C. Trial, Londonderry. C.

21 st--22nd.—M.G. Car Club (M.). Rally, Wales. C.

22nd.---Lanes. & Cheshire C.C. Trial, Derbyshire. C.I.

Eastern Counties M.C. Trial, Suffolk. C.I.

Severn Valley M.C. Trial, Shropshire. C.

Weyhridge M.C. Trial, Weybridge. C.

22 nd.----Covelit ry & WarWiekS. Trial, Coventry. C. Patt dint ters & Derby. M.C. Driv ing Tests, Derbyshire. C. Taunton M.C. Trial, Taunton. C. Leicestershire C.C. Trial, Lei

cestershire. C.

Herts. County A. & A.C. Chilterns. C.

Brighton & Hove M.C. Driving Tests, Sussex. C.

Lagonda C.C. Register. Rally, Hindltead. C.

23rd.-.W. Cornwall M.C. Trial, Launceston. C.

28th.—Hal f,it re Club. Race Meeting, 13tUtals flatch. N. Westmorland M.C. Hill-Climb, West morland. C.1.

lister A.C. Trial, N. Ireland. C. Veteran C.C. of GAL Rally) Southport. C.

28th -2911 •Yorkshin• S.C.C. Se;(rborough.. C.f. 29:th.---Cantbridge Univ. M.C. Rally

& Speed Trial, Iledwell Hay.

Exmoor M.C. Trial, Exmoor.


Gosport A.C. Speed Trial, Gosport. C.I.

Grimsby SIC. Driving Tests, Grimsby. C.

Lothian C.C. Driving Tests. C. Plymouth M.C. Ladies' Trial, Devon. C.

Loughborough Coll. M.C. Speed Trial. Ashby. C.

M.C. (N.E.). Trial, Hohnsley. C.

W. SIINNI,N: Drivers' M.C. Spring Trial (staittiard ears), Worthing, 11.3o a.m. C../.