Zephyr Superiority

Like many of your readers, I have followed the Ford Controversy with great interest, and though you have now closed the correspondence on the subject, another argument has arisen which is closely related. I refer, of course, to the letters in the March issue extolling the virtues of the Vauxhall Velox at the expense of the Ford Zephyr. Mr. F.A. Shaw, in his letter, quotes figures which are not strictly comparable. The figures he gives for the Zephyr are in fact taken from the road test of the Zephyr convertible, which, being somewhat heavier (1 cwt.) than the saloon, makes it quite a bit slower in acceleration. In the road test of the Zephyr which I have, the 0-30 through the gears is given as 5.0 sec. (against 5.6 sec. for the Velox). For Mr. F.A. Shaw’s information, the figures for 0-40, 0-50 and 0-60 are 8.8/9.3, 14.0/13.6 and 20.2/20.4 for the Zephyr and Velox respectively. This same “edge” is carried on through the top-gear acceleration and to a lesser degree in the intermediate gear, until ultimately we get the s.s. I-mile figures of 21.8 and 21.9 respectively. Figures, so they say, can be made to prove practically anything, so I suppose the final say in the matter rests with the respective vehicles’ successes in competition motoring where acceleration and general road-worthiness count, and the Zephyr, despite its drawbacks, comes out on top by a very large margin.

In conclusion, may I wish you, Mr. Editor, and your very fine magazine continued success and prosperity.

I am, Yours, etc.,

Bletchley. D.L. Houghton.