Safer Braking for Cars



A new device to increase braking efficiency for cars has been introduced hy Dunlop. It is a mechanical booster designed to meet the present trend towards power-operated brake systems by supplementing the normal foot pedal pressure in applying the brakes.

Assistance is applied directly to the brake pedal by a vacuum-operated bellows unit. Vacuum is supplied from the engine through a reserve tank which maintains the supply and provides a reserve for braking, even when the engine is not running. A special safety non-return valve is incorporated to ensure this reserve. In the event of having to remove the Dunlop Mechanical Booster for any reason, it is not necessary to dismantle the hydraulic system, as the booster does not contain any hydraulic parts.

A notable safety feature of the booster is that it can be fitted to twin master cylinders providing two completely independent systems, one operating the front brakes and one operating the rear brakes.

The new E-type Jaguar is fitted with the mechanical booster.