The Rootes 1½-Litre Engine



The 79 x 76.2 mm., 1,494 c.c. four-cylinder Rootes Group o.h.v. three-bearing engine is used in 57-b.h.p. form, with 8.5-to-1 compression-ratio and Zenith d/d. carburetter in the Hillman Minx, in 60-b.h.p. form, with 8.5-to-1 compression-ratio and Solex d/d. carburetter in the Singer Gazelle, and in 78-b.h.p. form, with 9.2-to-1 compression-ratio and twin Zenith d/d. carburetters in the Sunbeam Rapier. It was used in 83½-b.h.p. form for the first Sunbeam Alpine but last year the 81.5 x 76.2 mm., 1,592-c.c. version developing 85½ b.h.p. was adopted for the Sunbeam Alpine.