A High Speed Committee


Writing in your March issue, "M. J. T." said some very kind things about our "Look at Life" film, "Against the Clock," which dealt with the R.A.C. Rally.

We are grateful for his praise but may I please be allowed to correct an error: He says the film is "obviously speeded up" in the second sequence of the R.A.C. Competitions Committee room. He assumes that this was a little bit of technical cheating to give the impression of frenzied activity.

In fact, the film was shot throughout at its normal speed and the Committee members were actually moving at this tremendous pace.

I am, Yours, etc., G Grafton Green, Executor Producer, "Look at Life".  Uxbridge

[We are sorry we misinterpreted the apparent speeding-up of the film and we have since heard from Pat Gregory, P.R.O. of the R.A.C., that the second shot was not the Competitions Committee, nor an optical illusion, but a Sub-Committee. We now understand the position and it explains the speed.—M. J. T.]