M.G. PA, in good condition. Oilers, r934. Brown, 37, George Street, Peterborough, Northants. [4366 1961 TYPHOON 244-seater, E93 engine, ro,000 miles. Tuned manifold, grafi° gears, ifs. Hardtop, tonneau, wood-rimmed wheel, heater, stwashers. 35 m.p.g., 90 m.p.h. £300, 11.11. if required. Hayes, so, Trevanion Road, London, [4367 ASHLEY 1172 unused fibreglass body. Reconditioned, unassembled Riley Nine Merlin engine. Oilers. Pearce, x5, York Road, Handsworth, Birmingham. [4369 SALOME, Historic Hill-Climb Special, A.B.C., Morgan, G.N. (see J. Bolster’s ” Specials “), in excellent condition. £55. Gardner, 36, Lichfield

Avenue, Morecambe. Tel.: 2534. (4370 SPEEDEX 790 SPECIAL, 17-in, wheels. 1 yres, tonneau, battery new. Just completed. Lino. Burt, Tel.: BCC 533o, [4371 ROCHDALE FORD SPECIAL, 196t, little used. fibreglass body finished off white, black upholstery. Many extras. Ready for road. Enthusiast’s car. 422S o.n.o., RP. available. Box No. T.372. [4372 RILEY r, i994. Black. Excellent condition. Licensed till Dec. £345 o.n.o. Tel.: Shrivenham

397. [4373 5927 AUSTIN tourer. 1924 Bull-nose Morris, 1,75. 1929 Rolls-Royce, £80. 1958 Renault Special. 1929 Standard, 5. L. Bayliss, Chapel Farm, Normandy, Guildford, Surrey. Tel.: Normandy

3120. [4374 RILEY r.5, superb throughout. £485, exchange CStUCC Car. 45, Shirchall Park, London, N.W.4. Tel.: Hendon 7755. [4375 GOOD TYRES: 520X10, little used, £2 each 520 x rO brand new remoulds, L2 ros. each. Two szo x 13 brand new Firestone Originals (one tubeless), £4 each. Two 820 X15 Avon originals, tubeless, 45 each. Two soo x 16 brand new originals, Michelin, £4 51. each. ‘Iwo 55o x 19 brand new remoulds, £3 Jos. each. One 500 x 20 Pirelli, little used, £2 105. C.W.O., carriage free. 13. Holland, 5, Zetland Road, Malvern, Worcester. Tel,: Malvern 923. [4376 BERKELEY, x951, red. Four wheels independent, Ill weather equipment. Engine reconditioned, brakes relined. Amals. P/E. may be acceptable, offers. Tel.: Wombourn 3582. Nr. Wolver hampton. (4377 LANCIA APRILIA, 1937, remarkable original condition. New Michelins. 415o (otters). Tel.: Bournemouth 47297. [4378. 1992 JUPITER. Resprayed. New hood, brakes relined, Phase 3 crank. Sound and reliable £8 0.0.0. Evenings, 72, The Gardens, Bcolfont,

Middiesex. . [4382 FULL SET chrome-plated wire wheels and stub ax(es, etc., for Mark II Jaguar. Hardly used. Tel.: Leicester 26456 business hours). [4383 LANCIA APRILIA, 1939. Resprayed. Good cOrithaw). kzoo. Williams, Goose Street, Beekington, Bath. 14384 IMMACULATE TRIUMPH vrrEssE sports saloon, 1937. L80. Williams, Goose Street, Bcckington, 13ath. [4385 1937 BENTLEY 4; Mulliner pillarlesS saloon, fitted every extras. Perfect condition. Sale or exchange smaller car. £285, Porter, Longthwaite Road, Wigton, Cumberland. Tel.: 2153. [4388 FIAT iron saloon, £940, in good order. M.O.T. First cheque £30 secures. Car garaged Southrunpton. 77, Fore Street, Polruan. Cornwall. [4387 ALVIS 52,,70 saloon, 1937. 445. 20, Church Road, chassis, its., hydraulics, 4-speed box, [54.3:56. Old Windsor. I’d.: Windsor 12LO, AUSTIN SEVEN TOURER, 1936. Good condition. Enthusiast owners. Black and lilac. New tr. m.o.T. cert. £65. rz, Clifton Rise, 13.crks. 14389 UNMODIFIED FORD 11:72 engine in boxed A.7 11.R.G. Road or 3UtOCIOSS. Rt550115.bie offers. Becton, Roslin Hall Hotel, Torquay. Tel.: 4373. j4390 M.G., 1929. M.O.T. All original mechanically. 1,120 spent 1961. £80 o.n.o. Tel.: Great Barr 1617 (evenings). (4391

SPORTING FAMILY MAN’S car. 1955 Bristol dor. New engine 1960. Fast, wen maintained, excellent mechanics. Five seats, huge boot; £425. O’Neill, 25, ‘rurrioak Avenue, Woking.

428 m.p.g.; radio, heaters, washers. B.RiG.

M.G. PA. Expertly overhauled, many new items. condition. 411o. chceseman, 19, Copthorne Excellent runner. M.O.T. certificate. Very i g4;:d3 Road, Rickmansworth, Herts. M.G. TD, 1993. Red, Excellent. Reconditioned engine—gearbox. Extras. £3)o o.n.o., H.P. available. Tomlin, 95, Hollycrott, Hinckley, Leics, Tel.: 3637. [4394 AUTOVIA (RILEY V8), total mileage 51,000, r957 condition. m.o.T. L65. Rogers, 99, Undeceid3215e Road, Shrewsbury. e 6400.l.: 64. 9 SPORTS CAR for Spring? Ashley 5572 G.T. saloon, registered 1960. Tubular chassis, E93A, 7,000 milea. Aquaplane head, twin carbs., etc. Full instruments. Royal blue. 2/4-seater. r00% throughout. Reliability, performance and economy for £285 o.n.o., £57 deposit, balance three years. Genuine bargain, company car arriving. Engineer’s report, photograph. 81, Welford Road, Shirley, .; Lynx, ’36, 1f; (4009016 RILEY KESTREL, ’37, a

Warwickshire. Tcl.: Shirley t579. near perfect. Hundreds spent. Approx. LI5o each. Getting 2-scat Riley. Croham Hurst House, High Beech, S. Croydon. Tel.: MUN 1877. [4397 A.C. ACECA. A.C. engine, disc brakes, radio. Resprayed red. Reconditioned engine. £725. 31, Caldccote Gardens, Bushey Heath, Rickmans worth. Tel.: 3143 (daytime). • [4398