Goodwood at Easter



The next appearance of F.1 cars in this country, following the Race of the Champions at Brands Hatch, will be the B.A.R.C. Easter Monday Meeting at Goodwood, when a 100.-Mile G.P. Trial Race for F.1 cars will be held. There will be supporting races for Sports Cars, GT cars, saloons and F.3. Racing commences at 1.30 p.m.

The B.A.R.C. Members’ Meeting scheduled to take place at Silverstone on April 10th has been postponed to October 2nd – to let the course dry out? But there will be a Goodwood Members’ Meeting, counting towards the Motor Sport Brooklands Memorial Trophy (see page 252), on April 3rd, starting at 2 p.m.


“Archie” Frazer-Nash

We do not usually publish obituaries in Motor Sport, because unless written by a close associate of the deceased, they lack meaning. But we cannot let the death of A. G. Frazer-Nash, the genial “Archie,” go unrecorded. He was the “N” of the O.N. cycle car, won and crashed the very fast single-seater G.N. “Kim” at Brooklands in 1920, finished first in the 1,100 c.c. class of the 1921 J.C.C. 200-Mile Race in a G.N. Akela at 71.56 m.p.h., took the Test Hill record with a 4-cylinder Frazer Nash, and manufactured these famous chain-driven cars before the Aldingtons took over. Later Nash raced Ulser Austin 7s. He was a superb engineer and an equally practical mechanic, changing major componentsof his cars when they gave trouble in long-distance races. His contribution to human safety was the Frazer Nash crane indicator; to defence, his famous gun-turrets for aircraft. Frazer Nash had been unwell for some time; he died on March 10th at the age of 76. His genial countenance, effervescent outlook on life and fund of anecdotes will be sadly missed. – W. B.


1964 R.A.C. Trials Championship

Provisional Results: 1, Lol Hurt (Ford Special) 140; 2, J.F. Harrison (Harford) 150; 3, R. F. Chappell (Cannon) 154: 4, G. D. Hobson (Cannon) and E. Jackson (Cannon) 155; 6, D. J. Rawlings (Nymph) 157; 7, G.J. Newman (Cannon) 160; 8, F.T. Lewis (Cannon) 162; 9, E. Harrison (Harford) 164; 10, P. A. Barden (P.A.B.) 165; 11, I.H. Portlock (Alexis) 171; 12, D. L Bardon (Cannon) 177; 13, C Taylor (Cannon 181; 14, T.A. Marshall (Cannon) 189; 15,  M. R. B. Cannon (Cannon) 191; 16, C. W. Pollard (Cannon) 193; 17. K. B. Lindsay (Cannon) 205; 18, B. H. Dees (Cannon) 207; 19, G.L. Heldrup (Cannon) 219; 20, D.D. Render (Cannon) 227. Non-starter: P.F. Highwood (Canhi). No retirements.