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VSCC Pomeroy Trophy

INTENDED to define the best all-round touring-car of the meeting and the only one in which modern cars mingle with the prewar variety in VSCC affairs, the Pomeroy is less of a pointer than once was the case, because the road section has been abandoned, while this year a defect in the Shell/BP Racing Service petrol pump in the Paddock also caused the fuel consumption part of the contest to be abandoned. However, whereas last year's Pomeroy was eliminated by snow, this year the sun shone. Entries ranged from Mann's 1914 GP Mercedes to Russ-Turner's 1973 Bentley Corniche, 56 in all, but there were 14 non-appearers, reasons ranging from Jenkinson's 'flu to Bergel's Bugatti's inexplicable inoperative clutch. A Dino Ferrari was among the missing, alas.

The trophy was awarded on the basis of braking, "bending", acceleration and speed tests, the latter including a one-hour round the Club circuit, after an Indianapolis start laid on by the intrepid Peter Hull in a Volvo. Good brakes were demonstrated by the Bentley Corniche, a Porsche 911S, Winder's Lea-Francis/SS which must be every young policeman's dream, and a 328 BMW, and Smith's Morgan Plus-4 with wide tyres was very professional. Shapland's TT Replica Frazer Nash slid well beyond the stop-line, Rew's Reliant Sabre Six a fraction too far, Kimberley's 4 1/4 Derby Bentley removed rubber from locked back wheels, Taylor's V12 Le Mans Lagonda did likewise on locked front wheels, Ann Shoesmith used the handle brake on her very nice 1930 4 1/2-litre Bentley tourer, Thompson's Mk. 6 Bentley slid too far with all wheels locked, and whereas Morten's 3/4 1/2 Bentley came in fast and overshot, Walker's Jaguar XK140 almost stopped too soon and Davis' two-seater 3-litre Bentley came slowly and just managed a slidy stop. One of the nicest competing cars was Weston's 1925 3-litre Bentley tourer, original even to 820 x 120 tyres. Spectators' cars included Heal's twin-cam 3-litre Sunbeam, Jeddere-Fisher's 30/98 Vauxhall, a 1927 2-litre Lagonda saloon and a Speed Model Hillman.

Neil Corner, who was driving the Hon. Patrick Lindsay's D-type Jaguar, had the 1/4-mile sprint and flying run nicely buttoned up. The best half-dozen times in these tests were:

Standing 1/4-Mile

Corner (Jaguar-D) . . 13.58 sec.
Crockey (4.7 AC Cobra) . . 14.27 sec.
Wall (Ferrari 250GT) . . 14.73 sec.
Flanagan (2.9 Ferrari Berlinetta) . . 14.79 sec.
Lawrence (3.4 Deep Sanderson) . . 14.95 sec.
Hilton (Porsche 911S) . . 15.00 sec.

Flying 1-Mile
Corner (Jaguar-D) . . 7.51 sec.
Flanagan (2.9 Ferrari Berlinetta) . . 8.54 sec.
Lawrence (3.4 Deep Sanderson) . . 8.55 sec.
Wall (Ferrari 250GT) . . 8.69 sec.
Hilton (Porsche 911S) . . 8.69 sec.
Crocker (4.7 AC Cobra) . . 8.85 sec.

One 1/4-mile followed the other, slightly up-hill. Black pressed so enthusiastically on the accelerator of his 8C Alfa Romeo that the throttle linkage came adrift. The 1914 Mercedes was .01 sec. quicker in the flying run than Smith's 1923 3-litre Bentley, and faster than some famous vintage and pvt machinery. The Morgan boiled and upset its plugs.

The first one-hour high speed trial eliminated Daniel's E-type Jaguar with brake failure, Wall's 1962 Ferrari Berlinetta with an inoperative clutch and Scott's fast Triumph Vitesse through illness of its driver. Lees' Mk. 6 Bentley, bearing a large inscription "OFF" on the driver's door, was cornered with abandon but contrived not to go off the course. The second high-speed trial produced less drama, except for a spin at Worcester by Lawrence in the 1971 3 1/2-litre Martin-engined Deep Sanderson Monica.

The run home in the BMW 2500 was especially enjoyable on uncongested roads beyond Worcester, leaving me in no doubt which is the best modern all-round touring.


Femeroy Trophy: M. H. Bowler (1953 Frazer Nash Sebring).
Modified Class Cup: P. Selwyn-Smith (1939 328 BMW).
First Class Awards: N. Corner (1956 D-type Jaguar); D. Flanagan (1960 Ferrari SWB Berlinetta) and H. A. Morten (1923/8 3/4 1/2 Bentley).
Second Class Awards: H. G. Conway (1928 Type 43 Bugatti), I. C. Hilton (Porsche 911S) and C. J. Lawrence (1971 Deep Sanderson Monica).
Third Class Awards: P. A. Mann (1914 GP Mercedes), D. O. Beales (1965 AC Ace); D. J. Duffy (1932 Alvis Speed 20), C. R. Puck (1937/8 Aston Martin Riley International Big Four) and J. H. Bailey (1936 4 1/2 Bentley Special).