An Austin in Australia




This year I am celebrating ten years ownership of an Austin, a 20/4 1927 “Open Road” tourer. The car is in splendid condition, fully registered, and regularly used for my family’s conveyance.

Over the years I have had my share of troubles, badly leaking water pump glands, vibrating universal joints (help still required here), magneto with too little spark; and other troubles vintage-car drivers encounter. However, one by one I have overcome these problems and today I realise how lucky I am to have a first-class motor car. How little known these cars must really be in England when I read about them being ponderous and uninteresting. At 50 m.p.h. mine purrs, steering, road-holding and comfort all excellent, the scent of moth balls from the old carpets, the wooden facia a backdrop for a range of beautiful instruments, and superb brakes, a hard but full pedal mind you, and an alloy body to boot.

All my life I have run light English cars (an “Aunty” Rover for a time being an exception), and truly it costs very little to maintain. With care in its use I find it reliable and satisfying, and with the people who I encounter on the roads it must, too, give them some pleasure to see it.

Thank you for many years interesting reading.

Denistone East, NSW.
John T. Steel.