Wrong Morgan ?

I suggest Jacques Potherat has cited the wrong Morgan as originator of the Monotrace single-track "car". It was not our beloved Malvern factory, but a German engineer, Alfred Morgan (or might it be Morgen?) who sold a licence to the Paris-based Soc. Francaise Monotrace to build and market the machine in France. In Floyd Clyrner's Scrapbook No. 6, on page 204, there is a 1925 photograph of "a novel motorcycle equipped with short wheels on the side recently introduced in Germany", which is far too similar to the Monotrace to be coincidental. And in his "Storia della Motorcicletta", Giovanni Luraschi also states that the constructor was a German.

Ewell, Surrey, Cyril Posthumus. [It seemed improbable that there was any Malvern tie-up,—Ed.]