In praise of the New Granada


While not wanting to take away any of the limelight from the new Rover 3500, I would like to take the opportunity to express my opinion of the new Granada 2.8 “S”. This must surely be Ford’s major winner in the last ten years, and although we have to look from Germany once again to provide us with a Ford of adequate power output, smoothness and attention to detail, it is a pity that the British Ford company couldn’t have secured the contract to make and sell this new model. However, it is to Ford’s credit that a new and highly refined version of the Granada model has been brought out, bringing up to date the superb style and power output of the Granada range.

While not putting down the old Granada’s ability to hold the road, I feel that the new model has a tremendous advantage over its predecessor, especially where the sports model is concerned.

An inspiring motor car, one that surely must be a winner!