For the car glove-box?

Apart from the useful directories of light aeroplanes referred to on the Book Review pages last month, another reference book those interested in aviation may care to have in their car glove-boxes is the “British Isles Airfield Guide”. This contains the locations of used and disused aerodromes in the British Isles. It is thus of interest to aircraft spotters, those who like to know where aeroplanes they see may be leaving from or heading for, and to those of us who find nostalgia in looking at disused ‘dromes. The book, in its 8th edition, gives map references and other locations, type of landing ground, uses, and even Main Approach and Tower VHF frequencies. A wealth of specialised data, available from the Publications Dept. of the Merseyside Aviation Society Ltd., Room 14, Hangar 2, Liverpool Airport, Liverpool L24 8QE for only 75p, plus 20p by post — W.B.