The VSCC replies

Sir ,
Last month’s leading article on the Motor Sport Brooklands Memorial Trophy has once again highlighted the problem of replica cars. For many years the Vintage Sports-Car Club has relied on the “one make” clubs to decide on what each of them considers ineligible for their own marque. The VSCC has, since its inception, allowed members to build specials, at home, from eligible parts. They have to be inspected by the Committee which has the power to accept them “at its discretion”. We have never laid down firm rules as to the percentage of original parts required, as this would involve a great deal of ratification work.

Last autumn, after a lot of thought, we issued a Committee statement on the “Manufacture of New Cars”. We are not in a position to stop new cars being built, but we will ensure that they are not allowed to compete in our events.

The trophy which Motor Sport presented to the club is a most important feature of our competitive year, and is keenly contested at all of our race meetings. Motor Sport must continue to allow the Committee to decide which cars to accept at our meetings, without laying down conditions.

The Club recognises, with affection, the immense help that Motor Sport, Bill Boddy and Denis Jenkinson have given to our pastime over many years, and we look forward to their support in the future.

RA Collings, VSCC President