V-to-C Miscellany, April 1996, April 1996

The Riley Register has announced the date of its Centenary Rally as June 29/30, at Coombe Abbey near Coventry.

The ex-John Horsfall Aston Martin was, we hear, snatched just in time from foreign bidders and will stay in this country. Meanwhile two rare Steyrs are being fettled here.

The Welsh Rally Retrospective, based on the Royal Welsh Showground at BurIth Wells, will take place on April 21/21, with an night section. It embraces the Safety Devices Historic Rally Challenge, Welsh Championship, SW Historic Championship and The Mini Cooper Register, with good viewing facilities. Details from Ian and Heather Davis on 01591 620303. The organisers are Clwb Modur Cymru Cyf.

Those who like to fill up their diaries early may care to note that the Bullnose Morris Club, which has over 600 members, holds its Robin Hood Rally in Sherwood Forest on May 10/12, and that Jim Boulton intends to have another rally for vehicles made in the Black Country, at the Museum of that name, on September 15. Ken Revis, MBE, is the Morris Club’s President.

The 40th’ anniversary of the Tour de Corse will be recognised by the HRCR’s Corse Retro 40 on May 3/6 with a 1000-mile itinerary, and classes for pre-1976 and 1977 cars. Many classes and a pre-1949 section are included, and there is no need for a competition licence. The organiser is John Brown, the entry fee £1,450, inclusive of hotel expenses. Oldest car so far is a 3-litre Bentley. Ring 01886 833505 for details.

A reader who has recently bought a 1909 Brush runabout. Reg No DS 9145, would appreciate any information about the history of this car and data about the Brush in general.