The Frankel-Frere fraternity




How very enjoyable to read Andrew Frankel’s retrospective track test of Richard Attwood’s fabulous Porsche 917 in the February issue. Added interest for me was to be able to pull from my archive Paul Frere’s lucid account in Motor of testing chassis 917.008 at the Nurburgring in 1970. He was testing a car still in the hands of the Porsche development engineers in preparation for that year’s Monza 1000km.

One motoring enthusiast who could write, looking forward, and another who can also write, looking back. Fascinating stuff. By coincidence I an currently re-reading Frere’s autobiography Starting Grid to Chequered Flag. Long out of print, I would imagine. He is surely one of the truly great motoring journalists of the last 50 years, with his engineering background and Grand Prix driving experience. Could you not consider an in-depth article on him?

I am, yours, etc. Martyn Willey, Warminster, Wiltshire