OZ start to 3-litre series

Lotus 49s, Brabham-Repcos, Ferrari 312s and BRMs will be among the 20-car fields in special events for 3-litre Formula One and Tasman cars built between 1966-69, to be run on Adelaide's now defunct Grand Prix circuit on April 9-11 and Goodwood in September.

Authentic spectacle is the key to Formula Adelaide, launched recently by Sir Jack Brabham and Stirling Moss. All cars will run in original specification, without wings and on treaded tyres.

Response to the Race of Legends which supports the Adelaide 500 saloon event has been remarkable, with 72-year-old Brabham (who celebrates the 40th anniversary of his first World tide this year) likely to race American Bruce McCaw's McLaren-BRM M5.

No fewer than three Lotus 49s are entered. Adelaide's own star Vern Schuppan will drive for Classic Team Lotus, Pete Lovely's car is en route from the LISA, and local collector John Dawson-Darner is running his ex-Dave Charlton car, alongside the ex-Jim Clark 39 for Colin Bond. Brabham-Repcos are out in the hands of veteran Bob Stilwell (BT31,Jack's last Tasman car) and Abraham Kogan (BT20), whose Ferrari 312 will be driven by Kiwi George Garden. Two more of the Italian V12s are out, with Americans David Livingston and Todd Morici up.