R-R's new motoring monument



BMW see the new Phantom as a ‘National Monument’, presumably to Britain, and have spent £60 million on the Goodwood factory where the BMW-R-Rs will be built, which will be recovered only after 240 cars are sold.

Autocar has now tested the car at 149mph, so the 6.75-litre V12 is, I suppose, doing rather well. Its rear doors are rear-hinged, which was once thought scary, but technology has banished such thoughts, and if anyone goes out in the rain and their butler or a commissionaire is not immediately to hand there are door-mounted umbrellas, an extra which Wolseley and Daimler thought of years ago. Or the occupants might prefer to stay within the Royce watching the DVD cinema-show or using the fitted mobile ‘phones.

Try to wish the revived Royce well, and banish from your thoughts the 90mph Continental and London-Edinburgh Royces of long ago.