I am writing to say how pleased I was to see the contemporary cutaway drawing of the Lotus 29 printed across a whole spread, as it would have been when originally published, in the new X-Ray Spec series.

As a former Autocar technical artist I find it galling to see how often illustrations are reproduced far too small for any detail to be seen. The Autocar drawing of the same car (by John Marsden) was penned from a very similar viewpoint; perhaps the Lotus workshop was just too narrow for the artists to draw the car from the side!

Continue with the cutaway illustrations, and you will have my subscription for life!

Incidentally, in the cover article about the six drivers who narrowly missed world titles, is it significant that three of them were Ferrari drivers? Does it take a Lauda or a Schumacher (and associates) to bring Ferrari to a consistent level of competitiveness?

I am, yours, etc
John Hostler, Brundall, Norfolk