No room for racism


Four years ago the Football Association fined their Spanish equivalent for appalling acts of racism during an international football contest. Recently we saw Lewis Hamilton racially abused by a number of Spanish fans.

Quite rightly our Minister of Sport condemned their actions and called on our motor racing authorities to question the viability of promoting a Grand Prix in Spain.

The Spanish public seemed to have little interest in F1 in years gone by and previous Grands Prix at Jarama and Barcelona struggled to cover their costs. Only when Fernando Alonso won the championship did the Spanish public come alive to the sport.

The appalling racist activity shown by some Spanish fans in the practice session at Barcelona is completely unacceptable. Typically Lewis Hamilton responded with dignity and should be admired for his goodwill.

Bernie Ecclestone now has his chance to show his mettle by cancelling this year’s Spanish GP.

Gordon Procter, Ripley, Surrey