Andrew Frankel just doesn’t get it. The whole point of the Reventon is not about increasing your visibility, but decreasing it.

Imagine the consternation of the County Mounty, parked beside the interstate, idly monitoring the speed of motorists, radar gun in one hand, tasty circular pastry in the other. Suddenly a gunmetal-grey object flashes across his field of vision, accompanied by the thunderclap of 12 mighty cylinders unleashing their primal yowl at peak rpm. John Law peers at the display for confirmation of criminal behaviour. Nothing.

Licking the glazed frosting from one beefy finger, he taps the screen – once, and then again. Still nothing. “Whut th’hail?”

That’s why those 20 pilgrims ponied up the Big Bucks. Not to become MORE visible, but to become IN-visible. Get it?

Rich Henry, Prescott, Arizona, USA