259mph Bugatti Chiron speeder could face jail

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It turns out that super speeding where there is no limit can still land you in hot water, as Czech Radim Passer may find out.

Germany’s unrestricted autobahns have always held a great appeal for motorists, but real estate guru Passer – the Czech Republic’s 33rd richest person – took things to a new level when he posted a video on YouTube of himself driving his 1500bhp Bugatti Chiron at 259mph along the A2 between Berlin and Hannover, just 2mph short of the Chiron’s limited top speed.

After the videos went viral, German authorities launched an investigation… and here’s where Passer may come unstuck.

This was not Passer’s first time pushing Bugatti boundaries, as he previously achieved 250mph in his Veyron. While there are no speed limits on 70% of autobahns in Germany, car racing is still illegal. German police are investigating if by going back to attempt to break his own ‘record’ Passer has actually taken part in a “banned car race”, for which the penalty could be up to two years in prison, or a fine.


Radim Passer’s video has just ticked over 10 million views, but has landed him in hot water

Passer claims he drove with “safety as a priority, and clear visibility”.

Regardless, Passer’s unofficial effort still fell shy of the autobahn’s all-time speed record, which is still held by Rudolf Caracciola, who achieved 268.8mph aboard a Mercedes-Benz W125 in 1938.