You were there: 1985 pre-season F1 testing at Silverstone

During a couple of pre-season test days at Silverstone, mostly in 1985, Brian Humphreys relished the access available to an enthusiastic onlooker. “Provided you kept out of the way,” he says, “the pitlane and garages were open”

Stripped Lotus in 1983

Stripped… Lotus started 1983 with the 93T, the first to be equipped with Renault’s EF1 turbo V6 engine. During the year it was replaced by the 94T

Alasin Prosts McLaren in garage

The garage is tight for the McLaren MP4/2B that carried Alain Prost to the 1985 title.

Gordon Murray and Nelson Piquet in pitlane

Gordon Murray alongside Nelson Piquet in their last year together at Brabham before the Brazilian switched to Williams for ’86

Senna on track in his Lotus

Lotus had pulled off a coup in luring Ayrton Senna from Toleman for ’85. A brilliant win in Portugal followed

Renault mechanics work on RE60

Renault mechanics work on the RE60, but ’85 would be a disappointing year and the team’s last for some time

Four Tyrrel Cosworth DFV's

Off the shelf: four Cosworth DFVs ready for the Tyrrell team at a 1983 testing session

Canadis Allen Berg F3 car

Before his fruitless Osella F1 outings, Canadian Allan Berg ran in F3, but the ’83 season frustratingly saw him facing Senna and Brundle

Ferrari 156:85 on track at Silverstone

Ferrari 156/85 looks lost in Silverstone’s open spaces. Arnoux drove No28 for the first race but Stefan Johansson replaced him thereafter

BMW being worked on in garage

Above: BMW’s power-packed turbocharged four-cylinder motor lies nearly flat in the back of the Arrows A8 monocoque

Ayton Senna in Lotus uniform

Ayrton Senna, left, steps down from the pitwall. It’s his first season with Lotus but his Portuguese victory in pouring rain will soon confirm his genius

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