HERE AND THERE., August 1927




Humber Prices.

We regret that owing to an error, the price of the 350 c.c. o.h.v. Humber was given as 260 in our July issue. Readers will appreciate the remarkable value offered when we say that the price is actually 251 10s. for this model.

Miss Cottle ” at it

Miss Marjorie Cottle, the famous Raleigh rider, has put up yet another remarkable performance. To discover the petrol consumption of the 3.48 h.p. Raleigh she set out on a 120 mile test in the Liverpool district. Seven quarts of petrol were put into the tank, of which the filler cap was then sealed. On Miss Cottle’s return 8.1 pints were found in the tank, which showed that she used 5.1 pints for the test, the exact distance of which proved to be 116.f miles. The consumption thus worked out at 165 miles per gallon—truly remarkable for a machine of 348 c.c. capacity.

Two-Strokes Getting Faster.

Will the two-stroke engine soon prove to be faster than the four-stroke ? This is a question which many motor-cyclists are asking, and there are certainly indications that it may happen within a year or so. In the recent Belgian Grand Prix six two-strokes started, and still only five finished ! This is yet another proof of the two-strokes reliability, but, in addition, the five riders gained, between them, one first, two seconds, and two thirds.

In Ireland, again, one of the most important of the annual races, the” Dungannon Hundred,” has just been won by Capt. T. E. Oliver on a Scott two-stroke. Capt. Oliver averaged approximately 58 m.p.h.—a remarkably good speed in view of the winding nature of the course.

Birmingham to Madrid.

Details of Sr. Manuel Canto, the Spanish agent’s run from Birmingham to Madrid on a Velocette and sidecar are now to hand. He left Birmingham at 5 a.m. and reached Dover at mid-day, then crossing the channel. Next day he left Boulogne at 7 a.m. and reached Paris at 11.30. Between Paris and Tours he encountered a terrific storm and had to go many miles out of his way to avoid fallen trees and telegraph poles.

The third day’s trip was from Tours to San Sebastian, and the fourth, and last, from that town to Madrid, a distance of 325 miles, which was covered in 12 hours, despite Spanish roads !