What Do You Know About Cars ?



What You Know About Cars ?

Report on Problem No. 5.

UR last month’s puzzle proved t the most difficult of the series to date, for only 10% Of the entries were correct in stating that the car was an Excelsior. The photograph was taken in the pits during the Essex Club’s Six Hours Race in 1927, and the driver was F. H. Hayward. The first correct solution to be opened on July 15th was that sent in by : R. Broad, 23, Ormonde Road,

East Sheen, S.W.14.

to whom we have sent a cheque for one guinea.

By far the most popular solution received was O.M. which polled over 50% of the entries. This was no doubt due to a superficial similarity between the radiators of the Excelsior and the O.M. As usual, an immense amount of variey

was shown in the various solutions. Here are a few widely divergent types which show that the size of the car impressed different people in a different way :— Frazer-Nash, Lea Francis, Fiat, Invicta, F. N., Austro-Daimler, Diatto, Wolseley Hornet, Alfa Romeo, and M.G.


1.Cut out the coupon on the inside back cover, fill in your name and address in block letters, attach it to a sheet of paper giving your solutions to the questions, and send the whole to us in a sealed envelope, marked ” Competition.”

2. Any alterations will automatically disqualify the entrant.

3. The Editor’s decision is final.

4. Entries must reach this office, 39, Victoria Street, London, S.W.1, not later than first post, August 15th and a prize of one guinea will be given to the sender of the first correct solution opened on that day.

5. More than one set of answers may be included in one envelope, but each must be accompanied by a separate coupon.

6. No letter must be sent with the coupon and solutions.

7. The result will be published in our September issue.

Problem No. 6.

What are the correct answers to the following questions ?

1. Who .won the first race ever held on -Brooklands Track ?

2. What car and driver covered a lap at Brooklands at over 120 m.p.h. in 1908?

3. What was the first big International race in which women drivers competed?

4. What was the first big race in which cars were fitted with pneumatic tyres ?

5. What was the longest car race ever held ?

6. What was the first important International_ race won by an English driver on an English car ?