Ladies to do Battle at Brooklands



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0NE of the most interesting items at the Brooklands Bank Holiday meeting will be the Match Race between Mrs. Stewart, holder of the Montlhiry Lap Record, on her 1,650 c.c. front-drive Derby, and Mrs. Petre driving Oliver Bertram’s huge ten-litre Delage over a distance of six miles. Mrs. Petre has already shown herself extremely skillful in handling the large machine, and has lapped Brooklands at a speed of just under 130 m.p.h. Mrs. Stewart holds the record for the Piste de Vitesse at no less than 145.9 m.p.h., but except for one attempt four years ago has never tried her ultra-light machine on the Brooklands outer circuit. The Derby surprisingly -enough takes a considerable time to get up its speed, and if this car and the Delage started abreast, Mrs. Petre would have completed the six-mile race before her rival had even reached her full speed. The

only way of matching these cars properly, therefore, is to have a rolling start, a procedure ‘which ist ‘frequently used in the United States. The two cars will accelerate abreast of one another for a complete lap with a pilot car in front of them, and on crossing the starting line a second time the flag will be dropped. Mrs. Stewart told .a “Motor Sport ” representative who was watching the preliminary tuning of the Derby at Brooklands, that she was thrown about a good deal on the rough track, and that she would need a fair amount of practice to learn the best course to follow. Later in the day the car was doing much better, and Mrs. Stewart put in a lap at 129 m.p.h., which promises well for her speed on Bank Holiday, and the Match Race should be well worth Ab Jenkins Again After Records Hardly had Cobb finished his round of

records on the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, when Ab Jenkins, former holder of most of them on a Pierce Arrow, re-appeared on the scene. This time he was not after the World Records. Driving an eight-litre Duesenburg, he secured the following seven records in Class B:

The first three were held by Breton on the old Razor-blade Panhard at soeeds of 139.84, 138.8 and 138.95, the three longer ones were held by George Eyston on the same car at 133.6, 134.6 and (34.7 m.p.h., then Ten Mile record still stood in the name of Parry-Thomas at 126 m.p.h.