Four cylinders, capacity sizes. 1,073. 1.488 and 1,960 e.c. Four plain bearings, water

Cooled ‘ yl hiders of iron, east in pairs. LitAtt alloy jackcts, crankcase, sump attil load. 0.11. valves st,i at Gs.. Aluminium-bronze valve seats. Twin n.11. camshafts driven irtiti rear of engine by twi)–;tage cliailtdrivp. Actuation via rocking fingers. Shim tappet adjustment . Sprocket drive inn boakm-mouttleti nit-pump, ‘k liter-pump 01 a I vom I teal magneht. oil feed Viii pipes to end bearings and eratikrase tunnels

to cent nil hearing. Steel connecting rods. Light alloy pistons. iear-driven Roots blower atfront of engine running titia.s engine speed

Boost 8 lb. sports. 17 lb. or ’24 II). racing. Twin camshaft-driven diaphragm fuel pumps.

Compression ratio : sports 6 to 1, rating 5.5 to 1. Respective fuels: Disco’ and R.1).1. Wilson selfehange pre-seleetor gearbox Racing : Typo 11(1, sports Type 75. -Revel final drive. l’able-oisTated -brakes. Halfelliptic front suspension wit It tubular front axle and radius rods and hlmnirt er-ell iptic rea r suspo slim with radius rods, or coil independent sus

pension all round. wheels, rear t yres. Gear-ratios : (2-lit rf ) .07. 5, is

awl p.3,9 to 1, 4.2 to 1 top …ma1s 13(1 m.p.h. at 11,500 Brivht■ ,j) about 140 m.p.h. at 051111 r pii

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