FOR SALE Alta engine 9 li.p. crankshaft, main bearings, camshafts, timing wheels, cylinder head, sump etc., engine complete except for two lines, one con rod, one piston, which are broken, and there Is a hole in the crankcase Alvis. 1926-30, front axle, brakes drums, hubs, etc perfect. Gear box bits, crown wheel pinion, steering wheel, Bosch magneto clockwise, 5 wirewheels 20, runs. 5 stud Austin Seven, Crown bevel and shaft. Cylinder block, rebored and polished, 30 thou. oversize, complete with valves and springs Chassis, with flattened springs, front and back axles, with new wheel bearings, all round Ulster, 5.6 rear axle, gearbox, dose ratio, blown type radiator with quick filler. Pair new Zenith 30 mm. downdraught carburetters new tulip valves, 1030-32 starter motor and 1935 radiator Austin Cylinder head, flywheel, clutch plate with fingers and thrust, front half propshaft 2 Ferodo clutch linings with rivets (new) ” chock-blocks ” with pin (new), set kingpins and bushes (new), crankshaft with Main bearing Ball Races, 4 Hoffman, type 31.S.9, brand new in original boxes Badge Bar, Desmo from Austin Seven Bentley, set of hour glass pistons, 20″, oversi ze complete with rings ,. 3-litre Blue Label 1926/6, all spares „ 3-litre Red Label, set (4) hour-glass pistons, complete with rings, etc. Set (le) valve guides „ 3-litre, Blue Label engine, complete, and gearbox, etc. ., 8-litre, Blue Label, camshaft, 1925 3-litre Blue Label chassis, F.W.B., complete with scrap saloon body, less engine „ 1923, 16 li.p., 3-litre engine, complete with magneto, carburetter, clutch, etc Body, 1927, open four-seater, complete hood, wings, side curtains, seats etc Bugatti Type 43 and 37a, all spares „ Type 37 and 40 cylinder blocks, complete „ Type 37 and 40 connecting rods, Type 40 gearbox, clutch complete, Brescia gear box and rear axle „ Brescia, con rods, crankcase, sump, gearbox parts, valves, springs, etc „ 1922, 12 H racing camshaft assembly, fit 1924/5 type Carburetter, one S.U. 48 mm one t” S.C. for No. 9 Powerplus Super charger set 4 racing S.U.s, 30 mm., with top feed, suitable Riley Nine Track racing Amal, twin float, suitable 500 c.c. motor-cycle, horizontal clip fitting, with flange adapter Car Muff, off 1938 Austin Seven off 1938 Standard 14 Chassis, ex front wheel drive racing car, with rear wheels, Springs and brakes, full length undershield. Would make ideal trailei Crankshaft, Special racing Laystall, 71 mm. stroke, for 6 cylinder M.G. Magna (giving 1087 c.c. capacity), also special camshaft, designed designed for good power at low

revs, as well as high, good for trials. 5 racing coml. rods and pistons Cylinder Head for blown Lea-Francis; without valves and rocker gear

aluminium, for Austin Seven ” G.P. ” type Dynamo. 12 volt, for direct drive off crankshaft hose, with built in starting handle Engine, 1928 2-litre Lagonda „ 26 or 27 E.W. twin Douglas, complete with clutch Lea-Francis, total mileage 40,000. Itelmed 1,500 miles ago. Complete magneto, dynamo, starter, etc., gearbox, back axle. wheels, hubs, brakes, etc. very specially modified 2 litre Luganda, Laystell crankshaft, special head, designed

to produce over 130 b.h.p. Really good order. Present pistons suitable for 15Ibs. blower pressure, but could easily change. Bugatti, 16 valve (12 lep.),with water pump, magneto, clutch and self starter. Starter ring unmarked and whole engine hi good order, has not been used since fitted with ” Brico “rings complete Austin Seven, partly dismantled with gearbox, magneto and dynamo PI Pp IP Engine, 1938, 8-80 twin cylinder *racing JAP Twin magnetos and carburetters Austin Seven, 1928 new bearing throughout and spare cylinder head 1932 minus 30 thou. Twin carburetters, new rings and double valve springs throughout and one new piston racing, ex Le Mans Trade., unused since complete overhaul, new pistons, bearings, etc 4 dirt track kludge motor cycle. In first class condition, with special Martlett pistons, hardened cylinder liners,polished flywheels and rods, and are completely ready to race, with carbs. and mags. (recently overhauled). At present they have 91 to 1 C.R. but 144 to 1 is available by removing compression plates Excelsior, 250 c.c. Manxman, racing spares, etc 2/3 gallon sprint tank, twin feed, recessed for rev counter Gears, rear axle, for 3-litre Bentley, giving ratios of 3.92 to 1 Gearbox, 4 speed, complete with remote control, from It-litre Singer „ Morris 1930 (Aix Gearbox, E.N.V. self change, type 110, pre-selective overdrive on all ratios 4 speed for Austin 7 H.E. 1923,1 14 lep„ rebuilt wheels to take oversize tyres Headlamps, 8″ chromium, two Heater, one ” Hades ” air conditioning, complete with all fittings ‘250 hour, under sump Horn, 6 volt Bosch, (trumpet type) H.R.O., set of 3rd gear pinions (constant mesh, etc.) for H.R.G. Moss gearbox, 7 11.R.G. Aerolite pistons, “wide ring” type with gudgeons, 6 piston rings, 6 oil control, 2 compression, and 4 gudgeon pins (new), H.R.G. clutch cover plate (new), 3 bonnet fasteners, 2 special H.R.G. con rods, hand polished and balanced Inlet Manifold, for blowing Magna or Magnette, with blow-off valve, also outside exhaust manifold for Magna Lagonda, 3-litre, frame and body, complete wit h wheels, tyres, axles, gearbox, hood, bonnet, radiator, etc., less engine 2-litre speed model, wanted open fourseater body, also high (4.4-1) crown wheel, pinion and differential assembly 1928-29 2-litre, cylinder head, complete with rockers, pipes and valves (less two) also gearbox, less second gear Lea-Francis 12/40 back axle, 5 Rudge wheels, and large amount of other spares 12/4() or 12/50. Two complete engines, cylinder head and rockers (single carburetter) 2 cylinder blocks and pistons, one crankshaft, one camshaft, 3 flywheels (2 for cone, one for plate dutch). Three Lucas anti-clock magnetos, two complete 4 speed gearboxes, 2 Solex carburetters, 3 complete front axles, 2 complete rear axles, 6 4.50 x 19 Budge wheels (large fitting) 2 sets of hubs and half shafts, one set of brake drums, one set of brake shoes, 2 steering volume, 4 crown wheels and Odom, 2 com plete sets of front and rear springs Magneto M.L. racing, single cylinder motor-cycle Simms, Verniers for Aivis 12/50 special racing 6 cylinder Scintilla, for Magna Magnette etc, recently tested by Messrs. Scintilla, also set of racing valves and Springs for Magna M.G. 3.2. frame, less springs, brake cross shaft, complete with hand brake, needle bearing etc., 4 brake drums, 4 sets brake sluice, 2 pair shock absorbers, front and rear, back axle easing, with back plates and spring ancboridges, 2 rear, one front road spring, intact. front, 3 leaves broken. Bulkhead with throttle pedal. Fittings, etc., petrol pipes, foot brake pedal, bracket etc M.O. M type 3 speed gearbox, complete with hand brake M.G. Midget, 1933 3.2. Set of 4 pistons with rings and gudgeons, cylinder head oil drain housing, clutch centre float ing plate, and 3 clutch fingers Motorcycle speedometer, front wheel drive Norton, 500 International racing spares, sprockets, etc PP Pt

Plugs, L.B.I. Rev. Counter, Smith’s, cable drive and casing Riley 9, half shafts with 6 stud hubs (two), cone clutch type gearbox, mark 4 type gearbox mark 1, crankshaft. mark 1, cone clutch, complete with flywheel Supercharger No. 9 Powerplus reconditioned with reduction gear, (will blow 1,100 c.v. motor at 141b. per square inch) Self starter brand new for M.G. Magna, levtr used, also dynamo, Supercharger Cozette Supercharger, large Amhurst-Villiers (Roots type) just been completely overhauled, ribbed case in light Alloy

Springs, special flattened rear, for Austin. Stoneguard, suit M type KO Starter 12 volt, ex 2 litre Lagonda, with bendix t, Steering wheel, Austin Seven, special sprung. Sunbeam 14/40 cylinder-head, cylinder block, 3 pistons, gearbox, clutch (relined) TO 14/40 complete power unit Tecalemit, automatic chassis lubrication outfit Complete with chromium plated pipe lines Transmission complete front wheel drive assembly, crash-type gearbox (overlie tiled) differential Lands type independent suspension wheels Triumph Super Nine cylinder blocks (two) rebored with new pistons Tubes, 17″ Dunlop Inner, new, for tyre sections, 4.50 up Tyres, 2 new India 720 x 120 (beaded edge) Tyres, two 3’25 x 19, Dunlop universal, scarcely used, with inner tubes, unused Wheel, front track racing motor-cycle, 27″ x 3 (no brake) with good Dunlop type „ New Ashby spring steering „ Dunlop Magna 54″ section comp. tyre (fa w off Morgan 3-wheeler Wheels, 5 Rudge 5″ x 20″, complete with tyres Wheels, 5 heavy wire for Triumph 8 5 Various for Morris Minor or Hornet „ set of 5, 191n, chromium plated for M.G

knock on tyre. Wolseley Hornet, 1032, crankshaft, cylinder head and rods Wolseley Hornet, 3 speed gearbox, front and rear axles, with springs, crown, bevel and half shafts as new, with new brake linings WANTED Carburetters, two road racing type A mat Cozette, supercharger and fittings for Hyper Lea Francis Cylinder Head and block for 6 cylinder, 1,100 c.c S/c Amlicar Deflector head for Meadows engine, 1,496 c.c Flywheel bell housing for P.1 M.G. engine, also several clutch parts Flywheel housing F.1 type F.1. type engine cross member Fold Flat Windscreen complete with Triplex for 1934 Singer he Mans 2-str. Front Axle, whingest,trc., for K.1 4-seater M.G. Mag Handbook for 18-80 Mark I M.G., 1931 Instruction Book for Bugatti Type 51, twin (elec. 2.3 Instruction Books for 5th series Lancia Lambs, 1023 Rolls-Royce, 3 litre Red Label Bentley types, 13. 23, 37, 40, Bugattia J.2. engine and gearbox, complete Lea Francis, 1500 c.c. Hyper. 4 speed gearbox and genie in good condition M. G. Engine,—P. model M.G. F.1 type steering wheel column and box M.G. Radiator suitable for F.1 type Propeller Shaft dog end and dog shaft taper end for for Morgan 1930 Aero Sports, 1,096 c.c. o.h.v Remote Control for Austin ” Speedy ” 4-speed and reverse gearbox for Austin Speedy 4-speed and reverse gearbox pI for 3-speed Woleeley Hornet Speed 20 Mvis, engine, gearbox and brake parts Two or 4, 20 x 5.25 tyres Two Racing Dunlop and tubes, suitable for hill climbs, size 4.00 x 19 WoLseley Hornet, 1931, Instruction Book OPP,