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RATES (prepaid) : 6d. per word Minimum Charge 6/Box Numbers 2/extra Box Numbers are for the convenience of Private Advertisers only

No insertion will be made unless prepaid. Copy received after first post on the 21st of the month will be held over until the next issue unless cancelled in writing before the 10th of the following month. The publishers reserve the right to refuse or withdraw copy without notice and do not hold themselves responsible for matters arising from office or works errors. FOR SALE WOLSI:LEY HORNET, 1934. 4-seater open sports. Perfect hood and screens. Five excellent tyres. Good battery. In very clean, tidy condition. with everything working. VS. Betty’s, ” Woodlands,” The Folly. Wheathampstead. Tel.: 2175. 18749 1949 M.G. ITC). Cream with-maroon upholstery. A _ fine example of the marque and attractively priced. H.P. or purl exchange. Hatntune Motors Ltd. 39, Sheep Street, Northampton. Tel.: 3616, [8750 VACUUM GAUGES. 0-20 inches, 3-in. Meek dial. brand new. A necessity for engine tuning. 8s. 6d. each. Also a few boom gauges. -7 to 4.8 lbs.. new. 15e. each. Postage 94. London Yachting Cr8n7tr Ltd.. Coresin Lane, E.C.4. (8351 £110 OR -NkAil OFFER. 1933 Singer fixed-head _ _

2/4 sports saloon-remarkable condition for year. Any trial. Appleby, Mount Pleasant Caravan Site. Anton Lane, Elskee, Ilerte. [8752 CIRCUMSTANCES ENFORCE SALE of workshop equipment, incomplete Ford Special, and perfect 500 Fiat. Box No. 11754, MOTOR SPOIrr, 15, City Road, E.C.1. [8754 LAGOSIDA, 1934. 3-LITRE saloon. Excellent

mechanically. Good body and tyres. £125. Box No. 31755, MOTOR SPORT, 15. City Road. E.C.L. [8755 ASTON MARTIN 14-LITRE RADIATOR-no leaks. 21-in, wheels. tyres. Cheap. Box No. /1757, Mateo SPORT. 15. City Road, E..1. [8757 AUSTIN SEVEN SPARES, 1922-387-Large sitTeks. of new and secondhand parts. Triumph spares. 1934.40, large storks Price, Three Shires, Bearwood. Bir

mingham. [0759 BENTLEY 4-LITRE engine, good condition. £25. 41, Pullman Court. London, S.W.2 [8760 ASTON MARTIN, 1939, 2-LITRE L.C. tourer, in very good condition. £425. Further particulars front Box No. 11761, 51teroe SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. [8761 ASTON MARTIN 14-LITRE 2-seater, very good condition. Rceent rebuild. £150, or exchange open 3.1itre Red Label. Box No. 11762, Mterost Spoor, 15, City Road. E.C.1. [8762

1926 MODEL RILEY 12-11.P. tourer; good running order. £60. II, Charlton Park, Keyushain, Bristol.

Tel.: Keynsbarn 3014. 18763 LAGONDA, 1934, 16/80 pillarless saloon. Two owners only. Specimen condition, utmost new tyres, original handbook. Recently extensively overhauled. Seen near Bristol. Tel.: Almondebury 3153, after seven. 18765

RILEY 14-LITRE, 1935, KESTREL saloon. SmOOtit. potent motor; typical Riley roadholding. Body and interior clean. Good tyres and battery. £145. Sengel. Burlington Howe, Forest Green. 110)118307r6t6.


ALVIS SPEED TWENTY, 1932. 2,500 since engine overhaul, reeellulose, brakes and clutell relined, electric, overhauled. Three new tyres. two good: chrome perfect. 190 per cent. reliable. Immaculate. Only exchange eousidered. ” Featherbed ” Norton. 1270, 338, Marine Road, Morecambe, Lanes. [8767 MORRIS COWLEY SPARES. New and eccondhatia; including complete 2-seater body. Routledge,

&holes. Leeds. 18769 ALVIS SPARES for post-vintage models. Engine parts, gearboxes; chassis spares Routledge.

Sch eed ott,. Ls. _ _ [87611 1938 M.G. SA chop& Excellent entidil ion throughout 4:275. o.n.o. Brook. Tel.: Luton 35:35. 18770 BACK-AXLE, poet-war Minor. complete,few notes

. .

only. £18. Two Monroe shockers, £2. Jaeger rev.counter. new, £2 10s. Solcx VS emburetter. opined, £4. M.G. nudge wheel. sound. El. 7, West Dean, [8771 MOTOR SPORT,” 28 bound volumes. Vol.. 1–5 (4 volomes). incomplete; 6-28 complete. Four volumes Speed complete. Offer. to Box .No. 11712. MOTOR SPoRT, IS, City Road, E.C.1. [8772 FOR SALE-continued M.G. 5I-TYPE engine complete, will split. Quick -sale. 16, Roydstone Road, Bradford. Yorks. Tel.:

64607. [8773 1937 H.R.G., 4ED Meadows engine. Three owners only, works maintained. Excellent condition. Particulars on request. £425. Box No. 11773. MOTOR SPORT, IS, City Road, E.G.]. [8775 HUMBER 24 11.P,, Continental saloon. Also repair

garage. Retails : Manor Cottage. Brixton. Ply th. 18776 DISMANTLED FOR SPARES; /Omani we., 1,100-e.e. V.t win. Suitable Morgan three-wheeler. Offers to Maddock, 44, Mount Pleasant, Wilmslow, Cheshire. [8777

32 M.G. ENGINE PARTS, excellent, cheap. S.A.E. Het. Harold Procter, 48, Caventlieh Road, Hull. [8778 SHELSLEY FRAZER-NASH, 14.LITRE Gough. Alt….cattier protection: all tyres as new. Whole car in perfect original condition. £400. Creeswell, Glen Road, Colby, Isle of Man. [8779 CAR HADIO. Pye 6-volt. Perfect. Complete with teleeropie aerial. cables. £10. Thompson,” Heather lea,” Woolacombe. Devon. (8780 ENTHUSIASTS 11 Lagonda Rapier, first registered 1946. Open coachbnilt body with houd. excellent condition. Moss 4-speed box, Lavstall crank and rods, twin S.U. carburetters. Also ‘following spares : cylinder head, crown-wheel and pinion, set brake drums and ehoes. Arnott blower to fit cur, seven wheels. tyres and tubes, new eondition. £350. Voss, Wilford Heath Farm, Ancaeter, Grantham, Lines. Tel.: Aneaster 66. (8781

ALLARD Kt 2-seater eports, 1947. absolutely sound and of brand new uppearatiee. Searing performance at 20 m.p.g. Prefer exchange for 4-seater. any make, but would sell. I:450, o.n.o. Private only. Box No. 11782, MOTOR SPORT, 15. City Road. E.C.1. [8782 FIAT 500 body and chassis epares. Minor and M.G. gearbox ports. Ford Ten and Vauxhall Twelve engines. Also-Wanted, diesel car or engine. Jep son, Styal. Cheshire. (8783 !LW. ALTA 2-LITRE 2-seater sports. E.N.V.116 gearbox; full road equipment. £675. Oldworth, The Old Malt Howie, Cohbem (Surrey) 560. (8784 DELAGE-Unique 2-iTt?te; toitr-r–40/50, 33.614-.; £4011 spent by previous Owner in past two years; perfect; offers around £125. 11.P. terms. Rolls-Hoyee Phantom 11, beantifill black eedaeca saloon on much eonghtoater Continental chaseie: immaculate in to:cry ,vay: first £525 eccuree. ‘Fiilhots 65 and 110 breaking for sparee, all parts ovailable. Rolls Twenty, Phnotorn 1 rind Phantom III engine–all spares available. Rolls relmilt Silver Ghost tourer, with no regard to cost; first registered 1939; enormous amount spent in reconditioning engine, chassis and body-sprayed red with black wiugs; £225. H.P. terms available. Thoralighbred Cars, Ports mouth Road. Godahning. ‘In.: 1014/15. (8785 CORD 812 drophead, fitted Ford VS, very gOOd condition throughout. £250 or near offer. Woold consider exchange. L. P. Jackson, Green Farm, &holes. Cleckheaton. Yorks. Tel.: 807. [8786 1925 VULCAN TWELVE tourer. very rough, neetli towing away. Also trailer. 6 ft. 6 in. by 3 ft. Box No, 11787. Moen Seowr. 15, City Road. E.C.1. (8787 VICTORIA GARAGE, of Exeter. Devon. vintage a-ti sports car speeinlists, offer the following motor ears in excellent condition : 1935 Le Mans Aston Martin, long-chassis 4.seater, Bertelli-hodied open tourer, £375. 1)38 Citroen 12-h.p. saloon, one inviter, £275. 1939 Alvis Speed Twenty-five spurts saloon. two owners; metallic silver: new tyres; fast and reliable; 1575. 1934 Talbot ISIS sports saloon, black, red leather; original: coachwork alone worth the money; £1135. 1935 Riley Nine Kestrel. 1936 Riley 14.1itre, and others. Tel.: Exeter 2338. [8788 ROLLS-ROYCE, 1935, 20/25, attractive, privately registered litnoueine. Wide face-forward oceasionals. Black leather front, fawn cloth rear. Unlicensed sitter complete engine overhaul. Fitted ride control, Mascot. Ace discs, hoilt-in jacks. etc. Owner most sell. Nearest £623. Wheeler, 29, Honey Lane, CI:016e)% Berks. 18789 /AGO-NBA 12.9 II.P., excellent 1037 conehhuilt 0.11. coupe (similar Rapier). New hood. unmarked npholstery. Any trial. Nearest £200. 29. Mayfield Road, Sutton Coldfield. (8790 _

ALVIS SPEED TWENTY eportemen’s saloon. telecontrol. P.1)Ins. Spare engine. £123. All spares for Speed Twenty. 550 by 20 and 600 by 20 tyres. new. £6 each. G. II. Mareltull. ” The Mount.” I, Connops Lane, Lye, Wore:, (8791

TALBOT 65, 1932. coupe. dismantled for Spares. Reasonable prices to clear. State requirements. 125. Rugby Road. Coventry. [8792 GENUINE 14-LITRE SPEED SINGER LE MANS

sports saloon. Mark II. IS Good condition. Offered with origittal instruction book and complete identical car (towable) for spores at £110 to clear. Box No. 11794. MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. (8794 FOR SALE-continued

AUSTIN 750 SPECIAL, trials body, latest Lockheed 21.5. Full weather equipped. Rebuilt 1952. £139. sohaita.:: Reardon, Stallington, Blythe Bridge, Stafford’ TALBOT 105 open 4-seater tourer; new battery. ( 8793 excellent all-weather equipment: £125. KN M.G. Magnette, fitted with professionally-built shooting brake body; £125. Twyford, Stanton Lees, near Matlock, Detbyshire. Tel.: Darley Dale 30.12. [8795 170V MERCEDES 1938/9 cimp6. Engine recently overhauled. Puintwork, tyres, brakes. electries, good. 1:300. Box No. 11796, Motoit SPORT, 15, City Road. E.G.!. [8796 FORD -*8 ebassie. Rebuilt throughout. Reconditioned Mercury engine. Steering column gear-change, Arse, Stromfierg carburetter, Crab distributor. dropped fan mounting. Zephyr radiator. New tyres. king-piue, brake linings. 4:175. Td.: Laburnum 1755, VAUXHALL 30/98, 1921, -type, near origili9in7al8 H E , allIminium tourer, joist rebored. £145. o.n.o.. exehange. Tel.: Holborn 3979. Box No. 11799,

Moroo SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. 8799 !HORGAN S.S., 1,100-e.e. J.A.P.„ completely rebuilt regardless of COAL; bills for over £100. Good chance for enthueiaet seeking economical car. £125 or offers. Box No. 11800, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. [8800

TA, 1939. Recent £70 engine and gearbox overhaul, four new tyres. Excellent bond. Cellulose and body very good. £240. 13, Vernon Street, Ipswich. ( RILEY -NINE -LYNX. Go o-cl c le it .te.:2i)-3a1 Series engine. New tyres. £173, or exchange, three-wheeler or combination. Box No. 11804, MOTOR SPORT, 15. City Road, E.C.I. [8804 FOR -VINTAGE ENTHUSIASTS r 1922 30-h.p. Minerva limoosine. in good mechanical coutlition: offers. Also 1912 Siddeley Deasey engine, 935 by

135 covers, oil and acetylene lamps. Box No. 11805, Moron SPoRr, IS, City Road, E.C.1. 18805 BENTLEY 3-LITRE SPEED MODEL, 1927, 4-Seater V.D.P. Green original fabric. Near complete overhaul 1951-52, hills ayailuble. £330, o.n.o. Tel: Putney 1699. [8806

1936 LAGONDA pillarless saloon. Best offers. exchange coneidered. Bak No. 11807, Moron SPORT, 15. City Road. E.C.1. ASTON MARTINLE MANS, 1933, short chassis. Complete running order, with new hood. Wellknowu car. Good condition. Photographs and details supplied. £400 or offer. Fletcher, Hemp.

stone, Corfe Cantle. Dorset. [8811 ALVIS SILVER EAGLE saloon, 16.9 h.p.; 1936 model. All-metal body; spacious rear boot. Nice condition. £175. 11, Charlton Park, Keynsham. Brietol. Tel.: Keynsham 3014. [8764 BENTLEY 4i-LITRE-, -1929. ex-saloon. Tired

” beetle-back ” body. Engine bearings worn.

Needs rebuild. Chassis, steering. transmiseion, good, Stripped down for inspection. Details supplied and photographs. Can be seen. £150 or offer. Fletcher, Itempetone, Cork Castle (Tel.: 309), Dorset. [8812 RILEY MONACO, 1932. Good running order. Sports roil. Cycle front wings. Aluminiunt body. oN8e1w3 roof. Reconditioned carburetter and dynamo. £85. Tel.: Kingston 2444.

FRAZER-NA:511:8:14.W., 1937, TYPE 45 (liditre engine, 1949). Fixed-head saloon. £190. Bemistcr. ” Shadwell,” Asburet Avenue, Saltdean, Sussex. Tel.: Rottingdean 3430. (8854 1,971-e.c. FRAZER-NASH TYPE 326 engine and gearbox unit, complete in every detail, including all auxiliary equipment. Unused since £125 complete 1953 overhaul bills shown. Box No. 11815, 4-LITRE complete front fon8r81S

POST-WAR RILEY 1 t Moron SPORT, 15, City Road. E.C.1. siespension Assembly. Including rack-and-pinion steering; also complete rear axle with, springs, I:hock-absorbers, anti-roll bar. brake gear. centre t)trque-lobe, sliaektes, five wheels with original tyres and tithes. All in very good condition. Market Garage. Taunton. 18816

SPARES FOR SPECIALS t Several Ford V8 Chnssie with axles, wheels and steering. 22 lt.p. or 30 h.p., £15 each. V8 engines. 22 it.p., 30 lt.p, or Mereury, ‘no :each less accessories, £20 each with all aceeit. grilles. All other V8 enures and units for V8 special builders at rock-bottom prices. Saunders Garage (The Ford V8 Specialists), 3. Anerley Street. Batter. sea, S.W. I I. ‘I’d.: Macnuulnv. 2594. [8818 JAGUAR. Breaking 1936 21, Body bad. mechanically good. S.A.E. Griffiths, 44, Russell Hill, Porky. Surrey. (8819

BULLNOSE MORRIS-OXFORD, 1925, exceptional condition. good tyres, ready for holidays. £65. Richmond-Jones, Aroslabe, Crosthwaite, Kendal. 18820 ROOTS CABIN BLOWER, tttttt sed. E5 5s. Single Eleven chassis frame with i.f.s.. 4:5 5e. 120, Morel, Lane, Yeovil. [8823 FOR SALE—continued 1930 TALBOT 75 tourer 4-seater. Excellent con

dition thronghout. Complete engine overhaul milen. New battery, hood, tonneau covers.

earburetter, Kigass fitted. Reconditioned radiator. F.:xcellent tyres. Original block finish. red wheels, Watt,. etc.: brass poliSfied headlamps. Front springs reset; manual box. Any examination. Spares. Photographs. £150. Ayers, 32, DunleY 11C’nli; Stourport-ou-Severn. ARNOTT SUPERCHARGER, giving lb. boost, °f3o7 5r

2+-litre engine, just overhauled by ntakers. Complete with 2-in, choke S.U. imrburetter and sundry fittings. Offers to (Mimi, 79, Scrubs Lune, London. N.W.10. [9038 ALV1S 12730, 1932, 2-seater and dickey. Good condition. crank reground, new timing wheels. etc. £125. Young. 21. Rutland 1:3orte, Canterbury. 19043 _

M.G. 11.-LITRE VA, l939 caloon. Excellent eondition. £325, o.n.o. Barnes. 4, Kingsbury Square. Aylesbury. Tel.; 166. [9045 -AMILCAR SURBA1SSE. Good condition,

g125. Another complete. dismani:l0e4d6′ Many spares. 18, Castle Hill, Berkhurmited, Herta.

LAGONDA 2-LITRE, 1929, touter. 29 m.p.g., 75 m.p.h. Taxed. insured. 1:125. 26, Cellar Road. Berkharnsted.I’d,: 1190 (evenings). [9047 RILEY NINE LYNCOCK, 1935. 2/4 cool,. Extensive overhaul, good condition, untart. 90. .Rohinhood Lane, Sutton. Surrey. ‘rel.; Vigilant 4143. (9049 __ _ TRIUMPH GLORIA, 1935, nports aoleou. Very reliable. £75. Also 1932 Rover Fourteen shooting-brake, 1950 body. sound throughout; will *ice 24 m.p.g.: £45. 131arge, 29, Grosvenor Place SO)11-11, Cheltenham.[9050 1936 MAGNET1T 4-seater. Good condition throughout. £220, o.n.o. Brown, 6, Abbeyhill Lane, St. Albans. [9052 _

TRIUMPH SUPER SEVEN, 1932, 2-seater, £32 Ws. Sheppard, 61. Ranelagh Road. S.W.I. [9053 1413.”-iffif..12;caitiT ;pare:, tir-ai.ii-i-TV-WingS, wheels. Baker, Inkberrow 349. 19054 ….. _

ROVER 9/20 engine, elutch, ningnetti, earboretter. starter, radiator. Lot 1:6, plus earriage.. Bus No. 11055. Moron SPORT., 15, City Road. E.C.1. [ma ROLLS.R-Dt-ift.-3041.P. owner-driver saloon,. £850. !lolls-Royce SO-lip. Boum:line. 38,000 miles, £950. Replicas, saloons, Ii11101AfitieS, 1.70ill 1927-1938. prices 1:100 to £1,000. New bodies, spares, et’. Johnson’s, 26, Egerton Road, Fallowfield, Man chester. 14. Tel.: Rusholme 3009. [9056 RILEYKESTREI;,-.)–id37.-Th-36.-Neurest 1225. or exchange, with emit., for 1947(8 open 2-seater Allard. Also Fiat 12.1i.p. model 514 2-seater and dickey, £55. Box No, 11058, MOTOR Spear. 15, 4iity Rood, E.C.1. [9058 114-613RIS EIGHT tourer. 1937. New engine, excellent condition. 1140, exchange considered: ‘rel.:

Beckenham 2862. [9059 BENTLEY RED LABEL tourer. No. 477. Good condition. Will accept first reasonable offer. Elliott; cio Dewar, Ileathiield House, Mnnehester Road. Bury. Lancs. 19960 _

1938 ASTON MARTIN 2/4-seater 2slitre apart;. Excellent appearance and condition. 095, 0.0.0. 13ox No. 11061, Moron SPURT. 15, City Road, E.C.I. /9061 gift:V.11,-1.9W” TYPE 220. D.11.C., breaking. All spares available. ManWaring, 14, AttYrood Close, Sanderatead, Surrey. 19062 RILEY TWELVE5.v., 1927,-t-hatnworth saloon. Mileage approx. 55,1100. Lovely condition, laid-up

1939,53. Well shod, new hot ery. handbook. Nearest £100. Might exchange Ford Ten y117). Rone. 33, Scott Street. Perth. [9063 1983 RILEY 16/4 KESTRELsaloon. Good eondition, mechanically sound. E375, exchanges. fudge. -1Vhitworth 16 by 659 wheel;, tyres, /1.3 each. suitable Riley. M.G. Riley service, spares. Wenbell Motors, Balfour Road, Ifounalow. Tel.: 9359. [9066

FOR SALE—continued ANY OFFERS? Austin 7-h.p. elltiSSiA. front and rear ashia, steering-boxes, ex-Special, must clear. 146, Birkbeck Road, Leytnnstone. E.11. 191167 j3 M.G. Iilaek. 100 per cent. .oecbanically. Recent new battery, hood, tyres, tubes, dynamo, starter. king-pins, etc. Reconditioned steering, back axle. radiator, brakes. Smart. 1130. Tel.: Bedford 61776. (90611

RILEY NINE, 1931. Beginner selling cheap or exchange simpler lightweight. 127, St. Margaree.s.

Road, near tt are. [9069 VAVAIIALL TWENTY saloon, 1928: good order; taxed; 140. Hillman Ten unfinished utility. 1933. £35. Nlorris Sixteen saloon, 1935. rough, 125.E,05760. Irwin Road. Bedford ‘re.; l 5606. _ _ Ei-SPIKIN)3 HUDSON. SPECIAL. As mentioned in Major Tulloeles” Cars I Have Owned.” 100 m.p.h. S.S. [-mile, 17 see. on small jets. Equally good, high speed or shopping. .1275, or 1300 vial spare crank and two crown-whorls. Ruck Keene, Water’ stock. Wheatley, Oxon. ‘rel.: Ickford 221. 19072 LAGONDA 2-LITRE, 1932. low chassis. Chassis and body in superb order, ineluding hood, side-screens. tonneau. All original fittings, lamps. etc. -E265. o.n.o. OR spares offer wanted for chassis, wheels, tyres (19 in.). engine, gearbOx quires, front axle. about £.25. Holt. 59, ‘Wale Road, Sherwood,

Nat ingha in. Tel.; 68332. [9073 1925 ROVER NINE tourer. Good general eondition. :Magneto requires overhaul. Suit enthusiast. Box No. 11071. Mrrrott SP, IIT. 15, City Road, E.C.1 19074 £35-‘111REE.WHEELER :Lama coupe. Body and works nearly complete. New tyres. trim, eleetries. Austin Seven engine not run since major overhaul. New pistonn, distributor, plugs: reconditioned dc.),Ift:rridto. and starter. Entwistle, 12, Fyfield Road, _ [9075 1923 TALBOT tourer. Mechanieally sound. rewired, tyres amid, bodywork good n repainted: recod

tinned ‘hood. Offers about £69. Write, call. MeN41h1). 18. Vernon Drive. Harrow. [9016 A40 -§0EtrAL Sinnerset 1,11a$51S, very light sport, body. Complete hood. sidesereen. easily retno•mble windscreen, balanced flywheel nod crank. Jost 1,3,1411. First 1:42.5 neetsres. Box No. 11077. Moron 15. City Road, E.C.1. 19077 ALVIS 20.0.9. saloon, 1937. Blv?-,k, £200. Good 19079

condition. Tel.: GRA 0600. _ 1927 HUMBER 3.1I.P. toorcr. Good running order. £40. o.n.o. Everard, 30, Lainholle Road, London, N.W.3. 19081

FOR SALE—continued TRIUNIP11 roadster, 1948. Details on application. Offers please. Norton Grange, Siourbridge, Wicloressi M.G., 1934, L-TYPE 2-seater. £90 overhaul available). Taxed. 1150. n.n.o. ‘rho Cottage, DowneniL Ilors, Stroud,Cl;;… ley, S d G „ [9083 BENTLEY 4i-LITRE. 1931, coupe. Good battery and tyres. First 1175 sceures. Box No. 11084, Mu_r_u_n_Sfon_r. 19031

JAGUAR 24-LITRE, 1937 model. Metullichrome greyTaxed year, insured. New battery, tyres. etc. 22 m.p.g. Good condition. Available first week August. when Owner returns Congo. Accept £175, o.n.o. Tel,: Laburnum 5159 for appointment. [9087 RILEY NINE, 1932.MONACO, body rough but serviceable, mechanically sound, good tyres, new mown-wheel and pinion; 1:60. Also 1927 31,1[18,1 Riley Nine, body shabby but sound, very good inside; mechanically sound; twin carburetters. h.e. eiS(01111; 1135. Shenshed Motor Services. Brook

Street, Shepshed, Loughborough, Leics. [9088 *RILEY MONAC6,-1933.-B-ody Nit -Engine, tyres, good. 185. Also magneto Austin Seven engine. accessories and gearbox. 17. .1, FrOshatn Road.

ilelsby. Warrington. IICiRNET ‘SPARES oil p”,nvp—e.–chl-tAl mechanism, road springs, wheels, stub axles, etc. Also gasket’, valves. guides, brake liners, always

available. Scott. 14, Orchard Way, Luton. 19090 HOTCHKISS. 1935, 23.3-II.P.

‘Pig Inland.” way down smith. wishes to dispose of Ins fast, smart, relialile Hotchkiss. Recently overhauled at great eXpellSe. Price 1100 or best oiler. (Cabintrunks taken in part exchange 1) Rose’ Sadler, 18, Coach 24 lloesca Van), Old Burlinti1no

Street, W.1. Tel.: Regent 0671. .. _ TALBOT, 1938, 3-LITRE saloon. Still running-it,

after £1)0 overhaul. Excellent condition and appcurante. g25. Box No, 11992, ItuTOrt Se190(1119:.

15, City Road, F.C.I. 19092 .A-LVIS 16/95 SILVER EAGLE sports saloon. AUW 1. M. excellent condition. ‘this Ls real motoring. Reluctantly areept nearest 1170 or exeliange smaller sTp,ol.r:ts.634T8lownsend, 14. Rutland Park, Shefil,ieol,d3. 1926ziet AIR6T 2-seatcr. with. diekey. In excellent mechanical condition. Recruit complete engine, gearbox end axle overhaul. Four almost new 11,9,0.1.9n6. tyres. 40 m.p.g. A good vintage light car with excellent performance. 160. J, Lott, Fairview,

Lynxinge, Tel. : 117292. SUNBEAM. 2-6/70, unique(?) touring car. Orignial owner selling possibly only 24;70 in vountry in original condition. Four-seater sporting tourer, six wire wheels. excellent beaded-edge tyres. Dewandre vacuum 4-wheel brakes. 1924 model, immediate predeceSsor of 3-litre, ready for the road. A spacious and uplifting car of yesteryear. £180, or offer to interented }Myer. Seen at Community Motors, Hulse Road, Salisbury. Tel.: 4965. [9097 BI.ICKLER, 1,172 e.e., in full racing tritnpecial manifold, earlinretter. Aquaplane bead moditii1,11:e9d8 engine. Very fast, Pull road equipment. Sale due to owner’s injury. £465. W. A. Liddell, Fullerton

Grange, Andover, Hants.

:ALM TWENTY-tourer: 10.-7, excellent trim. 1250. Lagonda Rapier, 9.3 lip.. 1934. attractive car, 1200. Austin Seven, 1930, partly rebuilt with modified suspension, brakes; engine fully rceonditioneilt £60. Going abroad. Ryder, Blynihill Rectory. Shahid. Salop. ALVIS 4.3 MAYFAIR saloon, lovely condition. Extensively overhauled. Heater, screenwash, radio. I:350. Northernwnods Farm, Flackwell lientli, High _

ASTON MARTIN 2-LITRE, 1939. Black, resiiiii:ylie01:111).

Four-seater. long ehassis. New hood, weather shields. tonneau cover. £495. Tel.: Wanstead 1257. M.G. 18/110 SPEED MODEL, 1931. Since advertising this line old earroge last month for 1:145. I have, run a big-end. I have not the time to attend to this myself. Ilflt1 a,, will let it go to a good Mime for the first reasonable offer. Hood and tyres good, Servo brakes. ‘rel.: Perivale. 1861, sifter 8 p.m. 19102 _ OPPORTUNITY-for .21T6

holly Windover fixed-bead, 1927, genuinely good …g265, o.n.o. Birken, Beare Green. 19195 193.5;36-SIN-GER-LE MANS 4-Water spiiiiii7-taXed, swept tail. Best MI, over £11/9. Evenings. week

ends. 39, SAIlliONSII Way, Nartholt. [9106 1932 RILEY NINE. Very well shod. Recently fitted valves, guides, king-pins. Best offer around E.70 secures. Cooper. 27. Arden Road, Finchley, N.3. 19107 175, 0.1`4.0.-AUSTIN SEVEN SPECIAL. Alta head, lightened flywheel. Ford rear wheel;, brand new bat ter y and t yet, ‘Lased and insured. 27, Pernierel

Road. Iloonslow. _ LACONDA RAPIER, 2-seater Le MO-ns, 9.53 hip, £210, 11./.1.0, Scott, Flat over Ono), Groerry, Elaine Avenue, Strood. Kent, Tel.: 78314. 19110 FOR SALE-continued SUPERCHARGED K MAGNETTE open 4-seater; ivory; maroon zipp tonneau cover. IS-in. hydraulics, telecontrols. Kigas. Engine and supercharger stripped and reconditioned by R.A.C. garage. High back axle ratio. 101 m.p.h. at .5,500 r.p.m. Twin E’°1 pumps, polished engine; 24 m.p.g. obtainable. Taxed. A superb specimen. £250, exchanges, terms. Highgate Motors (Birmingham), 127-129. Highgate Road, Sparkbrook, Birmingham. Tel.: VIC 2829. 18825 ROLLS-ROYCE i 1924 Silver Ghost chassis and engine. 1936 Barker saloon with occasionale and electric division-in course of being rebuilt but must now clear space. Offers near £200. Tel.: Vandyke 2625. [8826

SEVERAL NEW-STORES ITEMS for disposal. cheaply to dear : Gaskets, spring parts. Autolite parts, valves, etc. About £12 worth for £5. Rallton. Apply Joseph Sankey & Sons, Ltd., Billiton. [8827

ENGINE, Jowett, 1925, good condition, £6. Knox. 1 la, Ederopl Grove, Stanningley. Leeds. 18828 ALLARD TYPE K, 1948. Recent respray, new hood immaculate appearance. Oil filter. spotlight, MC.: spare set teledraulics. Excellent car; any trial. £400. o.n.o. Box No. 13831, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.I. 18831

KLG. PA engine unit gearbox, with all accessories. New distributor, carburetter.. mains, etc. As new. 270. D. Beasley, 186, Allesley Old Road. Coventry. Tel.: 2110. [8832 LOOK AT THIS ! A collection of car club baciFil. mostly foreign. for disposal. Wanted : powerful or musical horn, 12.volt radio. Box No. 11834,

MOTOR SPORT, 1$, City Road, E.C.1. 18834 £170-1932 TL 12/60. A really fine Alvis open 4-seater. Enthusiast owned for 21 years. Full equipment. Details and history to genuine applicants. Armitage, 16, Brook Street. Ossett, Yorks.

Tel.: 2528. (After August 4th.) [8835 RILEY NINE SPARES s Complete rear axle with torque-tube and wheels. CO; gearbox, £4; magneto, £3; pair reset rear springs. £2. Buyer collects. Bettinson, Kinkell,” London Road, Horndean, Portsmouth, Hants. 18837 1951 ALLARD saloon. Blue, with blue leather upholstery. One owner. Editor. 24, Bankfield Lane. Southport, Lancashire. [8838 SPEED EQUIPMENT for the Ford 10.h.p. (and 8-h.p.) by the Aquaplane Company includes the largest selection of specialist designed components available in the country. Our equipment is to be found under the bonnets of the majority of winning ears and is the choice of expert enthusiasts both here and abroad. We have had so many requests for pictorial illustrations of our Speed Equipment that we have now produced an illoetrated booklet. This we will he sending to everyone who has asked for our free lists or Tuning Bulletin. Because of the number, mailing will take some time to complete. If you would like a copy more urgently we will send it at once if you will drop us a line. The Aquaplane Company. Oulton Broad. Suffolk. Tel.: 416. [8839 LOOK: I ROLLS Plla-TOM. 1928 chassis; limousine body with swept tail, about 193$. Lucas Mellotones; trafficators; four very good Dunlops discs; bumpers. Black. Very good runner. Price about £170, Details and photo from : A. Procter,

Royal Beacon Hotel, Exmouth, Devon. [8840 MbRRTS ISIS tourer, 5-seater, 1935, in marvellous condition. Any trial. Bring any mechanic or A.A with you. Tyres, hood, screens, excellent. Only two owners (including one bishop l). 2105. Ideal for holidays. Booty, 4, Codrington Place, Bristol, 8.

[8841 GEARBOX for Aston Martin International, 1934. Stainfield, 30, The Ridgeway, Acton, W.3. 18842 1933 WOLSELET HORNET SPECIAL, 12 LP., 2/4 seater tourer. Good running condition. What offers 7 35. Porde Avenue, Bromley. Kent. [8843 TWIN-UM G.P. ALLOY WHEYLS, large brake drums, bolt-no rims, £7 and £3; also Graham centrifugal supercharger, £10. Hanmer, 39, Lea Bridge Road. E.5. Tel.: Amburst 3086. [8844

VAITWAYL 30/98, bE 16?”1-Good original condition except new carburetter. £200. Owner going abroad. St. Andrew’s, Abney Court, Bourne End. Bucks. Tel.: Bourne End 509. [8846 1930 LEA-FRANCIS HYPERlimorts, 2-litre. Al/weather equipment. New S.U., magneto rewired. brakes relined; four new tyre.. two spare wheels. Excellent mechanical condition. £180. o.n.o. Also crown-wheel and pinion-offers. Mason, Tel.: PRI 6127, 8821. [8847 AUSTIN NIPPY. Excellent. Superb roadholding. Dunlopillo upholstery. Windtone horns, heater, oglamp, petrol filter, rear bumper. etc. Rewired, clutch relined. Taxed December. insured May. 52 m.p.g. regularly. Seen London, Cardiff weekends. Photographs. Nearest E150. Good home wanted. Also Alta head. new Nippy crown-wheel, pinion. Evans, 40, Queen’s Road. Basingstoke. [8848 RILEY. My private collection of 12/6 spares now for disposal. Practically all moving parts. Manual. Write for list. ” Decima.” Yeoman Lane, Bearnted, Maidstone. (8851 FOR SALE-continued

ROVER sports, 1932. Good tyres. battery. Plenty of urge. In daily use. £65. Write Derwent. Downhall Road, Rayleigh, Essex. (8849 LESTER-M.G., PB TYPE, built in 1947. 20,90 miles only. Engine includes high.compression head. high-lift camshaft, large.borc carburetters, balanced crankshaft, lightened and balanced flywheel. All engine parts polished, oil pipes chromed. Scintilla magneto. Lightwei,glit Lester body n green with green upholstery. Genuine 65 m.p.h, in third and 83 in top. 35 m.p.g. Price £290. Woods, 19. Millman Street, W.C.I. Tel.: Chancery 4734. [8850

LAGONDA, 1935, 44-LITRE RAPIDE. Excellent condition throughout. New hood, sidescreens and full tonneau. £320. Day, 20. Lawrence R081. Hampton, Middlesex. [83

1932 M.G. Completely rebuilt engine and bodyRewired. resprayed B.R.G. New tyres. hood, sidescreens, brake system, etc. Not yet runda. £155. Tipper, 95, Cot Lane, Kingswinford, Brierley Hill, Staffs.[8854 1932 ALVIS SILVER EAGLE, TC 16.95 h.p.. Atlantic saloon. Excellent mechanically. coachwork good. 24 m.p.g. at 40 m.p.h. With useful spares and extra., £100. or haggle. Four Armstrong D.A.S.12 dampers, brand new, suitable 4k-litre, £12. Box No. 11835. MOTOR &mgr. 15, City Road, E.C.1. 18855 ALVIS FIREFLY. 0.E1. coupe 4-seater. This car is in excellent condition throughout. Maintained regardless of cost. £250, o.n.o. Brown, 32. Colston Road. Bulwell, Nottingham. Tel.: 71119. [8856 £50-HUMBER NINE, 1928. 2/3-seater tourer, with dickey. Tel.: HOL 7138 (day). Imperial 2031 evening). [8857 F•TTPE MAGNA M.G. Recellulosed. new facia, in good mechanical condition. Full details on request. £125. Wavency, Conyer, Teynham, Kent. Tel.: Teynham 342. [8858

TALBOT. 1933, 20.9 H.P. Preselector gearbox. Vanden Plas eoachwork. light alloy body. Little used ranee overhauling and rewiring. £120. Baguley, 2, Glengall Road, Woodford Green, Essex. Tel.:

Buckhurst 1969. (8859 MORRIS MINOR steering rack-and-pinion aesembly, complete, condition as new, £7 10s. Macey & Smith. 17, Lancing Road, West Croydon. Tel.: 1110 [48580630. HOTCHKISS, MODEL 480, Continental saloon, 1938. 16 h.p.. 4-cylinder. Polychromatic grey. Excellent condition. £285. W. II. Arthur & Co., Ltd., Station Garage, Billericay. Tel.: Billericay 110. [8862 SUNBEAM 6-CYLINDER 16.9-11.15. 4-neater F.H. sportsman’s coupe, attractive appearance, exceptional condition; only 10,000 miles since rebore. Timed year. £175. Budd, The Avenue, West Moors,

Dorset. [9039 SINGER LE MANS coupe, perfect throughout.

£155„ o.n.o. Tel.: Woking 535. [8864 191-1-13ENTLET 3-LITRE-4-aeater sports tourer. Very good condition. Offers to G. Bonitos, Insurance Broker, Barclays Bank Chambers, Riby Square. Grimsby. [8865 1951 8-H.P. SPECIAL Standard Nuffield parts. Beautiful aluminium sports 2-seater body, leather upholstery. Andres. Newtons, copper radiator. etc. Excellent performance and m.p.g. Professionally built throughout, all bills shown. As new, used nine months only-owner now stopping abroad. £250. Dawson, Town Row, Rotherfield. Crowborough, Sussex. Tel.: Rotherfield 471. [8866 MORRIS 10/6 SPECIAL engine, gearbox and twin carburetters, or will sell separately. 11. Pilbeam, 23, Wolverhampton Road, Walsall. [8867 1936 M.G. PB. Lightened. tuned. Exceptionally fast. Scintilla. 100 per cent. £280. o.n.o.. Ex changes. ” Yew Trees.” Mill Lane. Kerley. (8868 DELAGE 0.8 SUPER SPORTS 4-LITRE Chapron coup& Works maintained for enthusiast. Five.year detailed maintenance history available. Many new parts from France installed. including complete new overhead valve gear. Fitted latest V Zenith car

buretter giving 18 m.p.g 12-in Marchal lamps, Andre telecontrols. new battery. platinum points. Uses no oil since rebore 1952. Instruction manual and many spares included. Maximum around 100 m.p.h. £155. Box No. 11869, MOTOR SPORT. 15, City Road, E.C.I. [8869

RARE MODEL. 24-litre Jaguar open sports. 1936/7. 4.seater. New hood, good battery. P.100 headlamps. 22 m.p.g. Clean appearance and really fast. This is not an early S.S. lint genuine Jaguar, forerunner of thc S,S.100, with oli.v. niotor, Girling brakes end integral jacking. Attractive proposition at £229. W. Barites. le. Venner Road, Sydenbam. Tot.: 7469. [8870 1950 R.R.G. ” 1,100 ” sports 2/3-seater for sale. Recent cheekover by makers. Black, with blue upholstery, unmarked. Price £650. Reason for sale-4-scater required. J. S. G. Brice. 30. Manor Way, Purley, Surrey. Tel.: Uplands 6690. 18871 VAUXHALL 14/40 SALOON. Engine resleeved, excellent mechanical condition. Four new tyres. £110. Pendred, Oak Mount, Monks Riaborough. Bueks. [8872 FOR SALE-continued M.G. 18/88 tourer in B.R.G. 1951 registration, Reconditioned, new S.U.e, hood and batteries. Remote gear control. Alternative axle ratios. £115. Frazer-Nash spares: rear axle, sprockets, chassis: 4ED Meadows camshaft, accessories, dural rods, valves, mriirnegs. etc. 4, Selbourne Road, Weston-sii8p873 RED LABEL BENTLEY, Park Ward. green 4-seater tourer. Aluminium body ; 23 m.p.g.; 3.53 axle, Good condition throughout. £200. Jones, Atherall’s

Farm. notching. Sums. [8874 SPARES. Vauxhall 12.6 engine, gearbox, rear axle, £18. Will separate. Talbot 14.45 gearbox, £2. Two W.D. Minx wheels, £2 10s. Rear doors, 1936. Morris 14.h.p., £3. 12v. Morris dynostarter. £3. Small trailer, £3. Two front springs, 1946, Wolseley 10-h.p.„ 23. Wanted. Twin cylinder M/C engine and gearbox. Hall, 3, Farley Road, Catiord, S.E.6. Tel.; HIT 4973. [8875

£.315, O.N.O. 1947 Morgan 4/4. Reconditioned engine. 1952. Taxed year. New rear tyres. New hood. Tel. : Ambassador 9920. No terms. [8876 BARGAIN ! This it the Bentley you arc looking for I 1926 3-litre Red Label. Van den Plass 4-seater body resprayed British racing green. All wheels revoked and trued, new radiator block ; reupholstered in leather. Must sell. Nearest to £300 secures. Box No, 11877, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. P) HUZZA PROVOKING OPEN CREAM S.S. P8r7o7fessionally installed V8. Bomblike, but over 23 m.p.g. when wanted. Give away round about £145. 104, Shrewsbury Lane, Shooters Hill S.E.18, after

August 8th. 18878 1947 J.B.M. SPORTS CAR. Good condition. £26-5-. or exchange. 174. Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough. [81179 TRIUMPH GLORIA. Instruction book. Photographic reproduction, including all diagrams ; $0 pages. Price £2. Box No. 11881, MOTOR SPORT, 1$, City Road, E.C.1. [8881 1933 RILEY NINE MONACO. Body, upholstery, mechanical condition exceptional. New tyres, clutch, battery ; brakes relined. Enthusiast maintained ; tuned engine. £170, o.n.o. Scott, 24,

Egerton Road, Bath. (8882 50/98 VAUXHALL, original, OE 117, low milte8a8g8e; in mint condition. £300. Darbishire. Wycliffe. Baorn7.ard Castle. Tel. : Whorlton 248. BENTLEY, 1926, ILVD-TABEL V.D.P. S.S. engine. new hood. etc. Speed Six axle. Very fast. 22 m.p.g. Maintained by expert. Outstanding condition. £295. 12, Castle Street, Hereford. Tel. : Hereford n [8884 NEW o/s pisyoNs. Ford, Morris, Au ‘ stin Stan-rh-a 8.. 10d., other makes. 25s. set. Vauxhall, Morris. Daimler 6-cylinder, 35s. 600 by 16 tyre, good, £3. 500 by 19 retread, 35s. Dismantling 1937 Ford V8, 1932 Standard Ten, 1933 Armatrong-Siddeley, 1936 Singer 7-cwt. van. After 11th. DSS, Station Works, Burgess Hill, Sussex. (8387 1 YS

1:11-LP. ALV-TD. Short-chassis sports 2.-seater.

Excellent condition, but seats scruffy. Bargain. £110. Bates, 8, Belle Vue, Penerth. [8889 M.G. CENT. Pair I6-in. shod Dunlop racing 5.5-0

fboyed1.6, £12. Pair of large headlamps with atone guards, £4. Stocks. “Harpers,” Pleahey, Chelms. [8890

34-LITRE JAGUAR, 1938, ” 100 ” COMPETITION 2-seater. Excellent mechanical condition throughout. New petrol tank. Steering overhauled, new king-pins, bushes, and front wheel bearings. Unused tonneau cover. Good battery. Heater. Four nearly new India tyres. Spare, unused Dunlop. Hood requires re-covering, sideacreens new celluloid. Car recently repainted cream with red wheels. One of the finest examples available of the ” 100″ -has been engineer-maintained-and is fit to drive away any distance anywhere. 2445, o.n.o. Russell. 1

Batchelor’s Cottage, Elaileyford, Marlow, Bucks.

Tel. : Hurley 239. fit ZOLLER BLOWN 2-litre Lagonda open 4-seater. Rebuilt complete last winter. Excellent condition throughout. £285. Box No. 11892. MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road. E.C.1. ROLLS-ROYCE PHANTOM III. Very smart sports 2

saloon, 1937. Small mileage. Records. Offers or smaller car in exchange. 45, Shirehall Park, N.W.4. Tel. : Hendon 1648 TRIUMPH ROADSTER. Small mileage. Superbly smart2585, or exchange smart saloon. 45, Shire.

hall Park, N.W.4. Tel.; Hendon 1648. [8895 ROESCH TALBOT 95 saloon. Smart. ‘reliable. £85. Orchard Lodge, Cleveland Road, Worcester Park.

Tel.; Derwent 4327. [8896 ARMSTRONG.SIDDELEY, 1936, Twelve Plus open 4-seater in wonderful original condition. One owner, 1936-1953. Sacrifice at 290, or offer. Brix No. H897, MOTOR SPORT. 15. City Road. E.C.1.

M.G. TC, 1946. black. 1951 works engine. Astonishingly immaculate appearance. New tyres. battery. hood. Mechanically faultless. Innumerable extras. Bent, 34, Lansdowne Gardens, Jeamond. Newcastle. on-Tyne. [8899 FOR SALE—continued LANCIA LAMBDA 7th Series Torpedo with Veymann top; 8th Series engine completely reconditioned by West. Crank ground, new mains, big and small encl., bores honed, Wel;worthy rings, reconditioned vertical drive, oil and water pumps. Excellent brakes, steering and suspensions. Tyres good. Unused 1932-1950. Total mileage 27,000. Mast be sold. £200, or offer. Box No. 11898, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.I. [8898

HILLMAN TEN open 4-seater sports tourer, 1435. Sell around 2100, or exchange for other small car. Smithemati, 6. The Knowle, Jackfield, Shropshire. Td. : Ironbridge 2373. [8900

1932 23.8 SUNBEAM SALOON. Really order. £100, o.o.o. If not sold am prepared to break—though it would be a crime. Lloyd-Jones. 34, Bleekrnore Road, Dudley. Tel : Dudley 3265.

[8901 328 FRAZER.NASH B.M.W. Extremely fast car in exceptional condition, Owner going abroad. 2525. Fully equipped. Taxed year. Box No. 11902, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E,C.1. [8902

1,100 C.C. TYPE 508C FIAT saloon de luxe. Re. cellulose& Rechromed. Fitted new cylinder block and pistons, New bearings, new dynamo. etc. Low pressure tyres, sunshine roof. Illuemels spring-wheel, Lucas electrical equipment, ett. 2325. Box No. 11903, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, 18903

E-C.1. .500 FIAT (1938) Topolino 2-seater convertible. Unused since 290 overhaul by specialists. Taxed year. 2185. Box No. 11904, Moron Seonr. 15, City Road, E.C.1. 18904 371-silltirlIENTirelt-V.D.P., speed model in excellent original condition throughout. Uses no oil. genuine 23 ox.p.g. Fast. 1;275, offer or exchange. 16. Preston Avenue. Eerie., Lance. Tel. : 1027. [8905 FORD EIGHT SPECIAL 4-seater. Eit-c-ellent orderParticulars and photo. 2. Southwoods, liendford Hill, Yeovil. /8907

ALVIS 4.3 CHARLESWORTII, 1936. Mechanically perfect. Four new tyres, two-new-batteries, Brakes relined. i12 10.. tax paid. Exceptional condition. Offers I Hawkins, 3. Churchill Road, St. Alberni. Tel. : 831. [8908 M.G. TA, 1938. Perfect condition ; 4.000 ainc’e complete overhaul of engine. etc. Taxed till Demon. her. Any inspeotiou invited. £275. Tel. GLAds atone 3006. Terms mut be arranged. [8909

RILEY KESTREL NINE, 1935, sports saloon. -Pre. selector, twin curbs., four slew retreads, Taxed. £120. Smith, Westacre, King’s Lynn. 18910 1938 MORRIS EIGHT UTILITY. Ex.G.P.O, sbort chassis. Aluminium body 40 m.p.g. glint. Bray, CJaarehview. Bradfield. Berks. 18911

LAIYCIA LAMBDA 8th series. Twos engines, one with head, one without head. Dynamo magneto unit. Yorkshire. Box No. 11912. MOTOR SPORT.

15, City Road. E.C.1. (8912 VAUXHALL -308 engine with tierce:Mike. CY71irider heads ; camshafts, and manifolds for 23/60, and other Vauxhall parts. Will be sold or scrapped. Box No. H913. MOTOR SPORT. 15, City Road, E.C.1. [8913 SELL OR EXCHANGE. Excellent 32 M.G. for any cheaper to 1,igger car. Ilex No. 11914. MOTOR SPORT. 15. ( Icy Road, E.C.1. 18914 3.1.1fitE BLUCEATIEL, 1928, 4-seater tourer. It0,1, sound, not quite original. Mechanically sound. Ii in S.U.s. Well shod. 2159. March, Brown. Lioa llumnues. liantwit-Major, Glum, [8915

12 M.G. engine and gearbox complete. 225. hear axle, £5. Steering gear (not sloppy), 30.. Two front springs. one rear ditto, 10s. each. Two front, two rear Hartford friction dampers. 7.. 6d. each. One radiator shell (no dents, good chrome), 30s. One slab tank, £7. Spare wheel carrier, 7s. 6d. Nearside door (metalwork sound), 10s. Phillips. Hoy Inn, B.enlleet, Essex. [8916 MAGNETTE, Body. hood, windscreen, front and rear axles, brake drums. Wheels. Excellent condition. Singer i.e Mans engine: front, rear axles, etc. Richards. 29, Tipton Drive. Northern Moor, Wythenshawe. Manchester. [8917 1-030 3-LITRE SUNBEAM tourer. Seven wheels and tyres. Requires rebuilding 3-litre Sunbeam saloon body less bads axle. .£45. Box No. 11918. Moron

SPonr. 15. City Road, E.C.I. [8918 ‘RILEY SPECIAL BUILBERS here you are I 1933. Falcon, low chassis model. twin S.U.s. multi exhaust, good tyres. P.100a manual box. Engine noisy, but working. Body poor, batteries dying. £55 .o.u.o. The Clifton Co.. King Edward Square. Sutton Coldfield. Tel. : 3826. [8919 18780 M.G. CHASSIS, 1929. Reconditioned. Rewired. Rune Well. Two. good, two reasonable tyres. £55. or £30 andBullnose or similar. Box No. 11920; MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road. E.C.I. 18920 LANCIA LAMBDA 7th series shortened -chassis. £180 spent during I952 on engine, body, wheels, tyres, chrome, upholstery and weather equipment. Offers around 2150. Cole, 10, Park Terrace, Cam bridge. [8922 M.G. T-TYPE seats, red. £5. Very good. 395; Vakegreen Road, Moseley, Birmindhaln• [8926 FOR SALE—continued ALVIN 12/50 SPORTS. Well shod, runner, hut requires odd jobs doing. 250. Morris-Cowley, 1929, 2-seater. Good order. £45. Carson. Brook Cottage, Bishops Green, Newbury. Tel. : Headley (Newbury) 218. [8923 AUSTIN SEVENS ONLY (proprietor Ernie Day). 17, Hitchin Road, Luton, Beds, offer : 1929 2-seater, 1:35. 1949 built on raring lines, a beauty at £125. 1934 2-seater tourer, excellent throughout, many extras. £105. Several saloons from 245. Tel. : Luton 4285. [8924 LANCIA APRILIA, l92. October. Very good eondition, dual green, new spare carburetter, handbook. 2130. Medlarn, 7. Park Road, East Twicken ham, Middlesex. Tel. : Poposgrove 7102. [8925 DE HAVILLAND 53, A.B.C. powered. Needing a certain amount of reconstruction. With two almOst. new. Hillson Praga engines and many acc.CSSOPICS. £250. o.n.o. Brown, Alma Hotel. West Street, Deal. [8927

RILEY MERLIN secondhand crankshaft, standard size. £10. Len Gibbs. Penn, Bucks. Tel. 2115. (8929 1950 AUSTIN 750 SPECIAL. Potent motor, 4-speed box, Lf.s. Chummy body. £60. Dean, 16. Thrupps Avenue. Horsham. Walton-on-Thames. [8920 UNUSED RECORD. S.U. with links, £4 10s. Steering column. £1 15.. 27, Wimborne Grove, Watford, Herts. [8931 LAGONDA, 16/65 tourer, 1927. Good all-round condition, forced sale, about. £110. Case, 110. The Fairway, S. Ruislip. Middle.ex. [8943 HUMBER, 1922. 2-seater/dickey, sound, original. 48,000 miles. £30 o.n.o. Brown, 219, Yeading Lane, Hayes, Middlesex. 18944

£50 MORRIS MINOR o.h.c., stark 2.seater, crabtrack, modified brakes. Hartford& overhauled steering, rebuilt wheels, good tyres. new lamps, new big-ends recently. Excellent and sporting little car. Remarkable acceleration, owner posted abroad. John Wrigley, Station Garage, West Hounslow. Tel. : Hounslow 3163. 18932

750.C.C. SUPERCHARGED AUSTIN ULSTER. Late type, enginc-linered, racing metal big-eilds. new mains. offset rear Wheels, if… Own .-ar for three years. Best offer. Tikhop’, Garage. Five Oak Canon. near Tunbridge. Tel. P-a&lock Wood 67. 18933 SUNBEAM TALBOT 3-litre (20.o) 1939, lex,eh.,;;k1 condition. Full particulars and plo.tograph ni request. 230, Warwick Road, Birmioxlmm II. (11934 eniine oh… complete With twin S.U.s and twin eentti, ,spert bargees, Bosch electric:1, Laystall overhauled mid in excellent condition. Offers, II. W. Blew. Gaiosboro’ Garage, Coleridge Rend. N.12, Tel. : Hit 3701. (8935 030 HUMBER SNIPE spiiii;inan’s-Coupi. Two owners, little used. ISO. 40, Qiiernmore Road. N.1. [8936 AUS2’IN SEVEN rot ti.r rear main, all years : correct tight Austin 1-slot fit. 37s po.t t.. 3d., front races 19344933 correctly paired ready to tit 348.. per pair, also L.S. 12 12s., L.S. 7, 8s. F. W. Champion, 43. Uplands Way, London, N.21. Tel. Lab 4457. 18937 M.G. 2.LITRE, 1936 sports saloon. Good condition, Chrome excellent, £220. Seen week-ends. Little, 62, St. John Street, Whithorn„ Wigtownshire. [8938 PAIR 16-INCH RUDGE.WHITWORTH whoeg; fitted 5.75 by 16 Michelins. Complete outfit new lest year. Little used, £16. Wanted : engine with or without gearbox, condition immaterial if cheap. Would do minus bead. Mackenzie, Albert Street. Newton Stewart, Scotland. [8939 EX-ALES SPEED TWENT171934 : Engine complete, £40; pair P.100s, £12; pair Lf.a, hubs complete. £5. Many other parts. Clinker& Thatched Cottage Bradfield, Essex. 905i FOR SALE—continued 1926 FRAZER-NASH s.v. Anzani. 2/3-seater tourer chassis and engine recently overhauled, large amount of time and money spent on restoring it to original condition. Rogers. 1, Birdwood Close. Selsdon,

Croydon, Surrey. £225. [8941 MOTOR SPORT for sale, October ’41—May ’49. January ’32—February ’38. two missing. Box No. 11942, MOTOR SPORT. 1$, City Road, B.C.!. [8942 AVON SPECIAL No. 3, good condition, goes and looks like a bomb, nearest. £120. 23, Prince Edward Road. Billericay.

1933RILEY NINE Monaco saloon. exceptional condition, £130. 48, Benhill Wood Road, Sutton. Tel. Vigilant 6556.

A.C. SPORTS COUPE MARCH SPECIAL, fitted Vauxhall 14-h.p. engine, exchange for Comity saloon, or would sell A.C. engine complete with gearbox, less block, cylinder-head and flywheel. Watson. 23, Lodge Street, Hull.

BROOKLANDS RILEY NINE fine sports car, 1(8£9,02)4.61807 o.n.o. Brooks. Brooklands, Clipston, Market Ilarborough, Leiceatershire.

SUPERCHART-GED FORD—fa trials 2-seater. similar Dellow. Red aluminium body professionally built 1947. All-weather equipment, £250 o.n.o. Box No. 11949, MOTOR SPORT, /5, City Road, E.C.L. [8949

1929 MORRIS COWLEY roadster, very sound Offers. write : Wilby, 56a, Kenilworth Road, Ashford.

Middlesex. [8950 SbRBAISSE AMILCAR CHASSIS-77A eels. tyres, axles, steering, £20. Headline. Milborne Port. Somerset. [8951 MEADOWS I,500-C.C. 4-cylinder engine new, unused. also Lucas 4-cylinder vertieal magneto. Offers. Gilley,

53, Havercroft Road, Sheffield. [8952 1951 D.C. SPECIAL, 14 h.p. 2-seater sports, £175. or rea.onable direr. After 6 or weekends. 24. Salisbury Avenue, St. Albans, Herts. [8953 soo Fathermachine, many special parts maintained by expert. Award winner, 1375. Heath, Gleofield Frith Drive, Lek:tiger. Tel. : Anstoy 2724. HORNET SPECIAt.–chassits, less engine anti ig8e9a51:4box : towable. Radiator and bonnet for same. Single.senter body. including 40-gullon tank : fits most M.G.s Eloi No. 11955. MOTOR Sronr, 15,

City Road, E.C.I. [8955 1943 M.G. TC., immaculate condition, taxed. Must lie sold through illness. £425. C. W. Bement 8: Sons, Ltd., County Garage, Abington Avenue, Northamp.

ton. Tel. : 31561. 18956 JOHN DLAN-1-3—OFFERS II Talbot 1934 65, very attractive fixed head coup6 by Real Carriage Co.. engine at present dismantled for complete overhaul, 2145. Talbot 1934 65 saloon, excellent coachwork and tyres, £135. 27, Southfields Road, SAV-18. Tel. : Vandyke 1612. t8

BENTLEY, really fine 4i:litre with 4.seeter swept. back tourer body by Gersten. Fitted l)-type gearbox and numerous extras, having been well maintained by enthusiast this car is now being sacrificed for genuine reasons-at £285. Box No. 14958, MOTOR SPORT, 19„ City Road. E.C.I. [8958 ALVIS SILVER EAGLE. 1932 drophead. £135. Good engine, chassis, ‘ body, recent drophoad. Cellulose requires attention. Prefer exchange for good Riley or other pedigree .aloon below 16 h.p. Stamp for detail,, semi Herm Box No. 11959, MOTDR_SPOIT, 15, City Road, E.C.I. (8959

12.11.P. BROOKLANDS MEADOWS LEAF sports saloon, 1930, above overage, recellulosed. £150 spent belt two years. New Salex cliche. and Exide 3 months ago. Axle ratio 4.7, e.r. 7-1 : copperis.ed head. In daily use; many new/secondhand spares. After 6th August, £85 cash. ‘Dartaher, St. Giles COBsge, Great Maplestvad, near Halstead. Essex. [8961

MONACO, 1930. Magneto. dyn trno, reetnly reronditioned, four good tyres, waterproof. ‘C.I. qual,r),t,r5r7. £60. Box No. 11057, MOTOR SPORT. 15 City Road. E.C.1. M.G. PA BLOCK. Marshall-Nordee supercharger as new, complete installation for T-type. Reasonable offers accepted. Box No. 11963. MOTOR SPORT, 15,

City Road. E.C.I. (8963 ALLARD, 1940, M.TYPE -000rbboilt tottrer. Excellent condition. Full 4.senter, with capacious boot. £395. Arnist mug, 21, Underhill Road, S.E.22. Tel.: Forest Hill 9080. [8965 65 BENTLEY, 1927, 4-seater tourer. Good hood. S.U.s. 3.5 back axle, new hattsries, rewired. A.A. report 31.1.53. Taxed and insured end year. First £200 or nearest. Write : Pearce, Rbianra, Warren Road. Liverpool. 23. (8966 ;-USTiN -NIPPY. alognininrn. good condition. Rewired, geed tyres. MO, o.n.o. Portsmouth. Box No. 14.967. Moron SPORT. 15. City Road. EX.’. [8967 FORD TEN. open. Twin S.U.s. Davie ” banana ” manifold. h.e. head. Aquaplane springs, guides. Excellent hood, sereeng. tyre. Etc…trio dual wipers. Vintage Bentley wanted. Jones, 107, Mill Road, Fordo:rt.. Hants. [8969 FOR SALE—continued

LAGONDA 2-LITRE, 1932, Speed Model, now on. blown, 4-seater tourer, in very good condition. £200 spent recent overhauls. 26 m.p.g. £250, cell or exchange for more suitable family car. Box NO. 1:1185. MOTOR SPORT, 15. City Road, .E.C.1. (9185 iifoldiffAil ti OR 2 -e—te-f—d—fer, 1934 (side valve). TSplendia condition, good hood, tyres, new battery. ZS. 12, Dahneny Road, Carshaltom Surrey. Tel.: Wal lington 5650. [9186 RUDGE 42-4run. WHEELS, fitted 16 by 600 tyres and tubes, euit Frazer-Noels, etc., £7 10n. pair. 134, Park Lnne, Hayes, Middlesex. [9187

RILEY NINE ” PLUS ” MONACO, 1931. Sound metal body. completely reconditioned engine. New batteries, carburetter, magneto, etc. Reconditioned elertries and axles. Sound in all respects. £115. Kingdon. 26, Harden Avenue, HaYes, Bromley, Kent. [9188 TALBOT, 1934, 75 MODEL 18 H.P. Coachbuilt Oerracq sport’s saloon. Car hos done only 7.000 miles eince complete rebuild costing £250, bills shown. Both ebaneis and body are in excellent condition apart front damaged front axle, off-aide spring. front wing, screen. sustained in recent accident. £55, ornear offer. All necessary spares can be obtained. Owner can deliver if required. Seen any time by appointment. II. Foulds, Gaddeaby Lune, Frieby-onWreake, nearMelton Mowbray, Leies, Tel,: Symms 86268. [9189 RILEY NINE engine and gearbox, circa 1928, almost complete; new Tama rings. Also spare cylinder head, crankshaft, etc. Modified Austin Seven chassis with wheels, axles. etc. Amain Seven, 1930, crankcase and crankshaft and clutch components. Chevrolet cylinder head c.w. valves. Roots-type supercharger, suitable 1.100 e.c. Offers for whole or part. Royce, Walleye House, Newark. [9190

Al.VITY2750 TJ. 1932, Atlantic paloon. Excellent condition. £130. Exchange tourer, Alvin. Railton. etc. Tel.: Dyer, Bristol 67013. [9191 LAGONDA, 104, 16/80 2-door 4-seater tourer. Exteptional condition throughout. Repainted. New hood. screen*, carpets. tyres; rewired. Many extran, fiametbrower, twin windtonea. Outstanding example of this popular model. £250. Consider exchanges, terms. Eastbrook Motor Service., George Street,

Bradford. Tel.: 29276. (9192 1931 12160 ” BEETLEBACK.” Excellent condition, tyres. Taxed year. Maintained by enthusiam trek. lug another with four seats. £160 or ocarest. Cooper. Streetfield, Thursley, Surrey. Tel.: Elstead 2114. [9193

DISMANTLING 1932 SUNBEAM 23.8, all spares available. Alai) V8 Cadillac engine and gearbox complete. Fielding, Lerry Garage, Talybont, Cards. Tel.: 79. [9194 1923 STANDARD tourer, 12 h.p., excellent engine. reliable. £50. Tel.: Barefoot, TIDetvey 2876, evening.. [9195 WELFORD BROS. F0/1″RII.EY srAREs—stRvict: Largest and most comprehensive stocks of new and used spares in the Midlands. Welford Bros., Opal Street. Leiceeter. Tel.: 65903. [9196 NEW REPLACEMENT RILEY Valves, Ils.:

Sa.; valve epringa tingle, 10s. 6d. Het, double, 20a. set. Damper spring., 3e. pair. Tappet lucking screws. 45. doz. Gaskets. 17s. set. Kingpins and bunhen, 70s. set. Speedometer cables’ 26e. complete. Brake cables. 19s. 6d. Standard and bigh-compreanion pistons for all models including Sprite. Timing gears for 1932 onwards. Service exchange brake Mom, clutch platen. B.T.H. snag. limos. dynamos, 12/4 oil pumps. Complete overhauls. cylinder boring and eleeving and all general repairs. Addressed envelope with all inquiries. please. Welford

firm., Opal Street, Leicester. Tel.: 65903. [9197 FORD-V8 3011.P. engine and-iieTaraticTomplete electries. manifold. earburetter. water puntps. (nod sound condition, can be seen running. .843. Dobson. Ilyecroft Factory, Stupleford, Notts. [9198

ALFA-ROMEO 15750 couph I unblown). 1930. Sound condition body, engine. Family Mere/ore necessitetee repineement. 22 m.p.g. £175. Tel.: Welbeek 8834.

e v en ings/ we ekends. [9199 EXECUTOR’S SALE. Illspano-Suiza. Boulogne coop& 1924, 45 h.p. Ilispano-Suiza vottp6, black with hide apholatery. 1933. 75 h.p.; French regie. (ration, now in Perin; immaculate. Sunbeam, green, 26.11.p. saloon; good condition, 1932. H. J. Mulliner coup6 body for Continental Phantom 11. excellent condition. Offers invited. Box No. 11201. Moron SPORT, 15. City Road. &C.1. [9201 _ RILEY GAMECOCK, £12$. Very good runner. good condition, good tyres. Just toured France. Telephone for appointment, either HOP 2571 or UPL 9014. [9202 MX. .12, 1933. Firnt-class meehanical condilion; £150 overhaul thin year (bills available). New engine. crown-, hecl and pinion. Tyres, springo and nteering not yet run-in. £160. Box No. 0203, MOTOR SPORT 17 City Road. E.C.1. [9203 1932 TALBOT 90 tourer. manual box. In reallybeautiful condition. Mane spares. Best offer secure*. Mason, 21, Baiter Drive, Feltham, Middle • 50. [9205 FOR SALE—continued

HORNET, 1931. 2-seater, £50. Quite exciting! Taxed and insured. 35, flayeswood Avenue, Hayes. Kent. Td.: Hurstway 1820. [9206 G.P. BUGATTI, TYPE 37, 11-LITRE. Road equipped. £300. Chorley, Webh’s Heath, Warmley, near Bristol. [9207

RILEY KESTREL TWELVE Saloon (1936). Taxed year. Seen London. £275. No dealers. Box No.

11208, MOTOR Spoor, 15. City Road. E.C.1(9208 RILEIropen sports 12/6. 4-seater. Scintilla. Recent MRS £110. Well e)od, Sound weatherproofing, excellent condition ell round. £225. Box N. 0209, Merton SPORT. 15, City Road. E.C.I. (9209 LEA-FRANCIS HYPER, twin carburetter.. 860 just spent on engine, new magneto, etc. Excellent condition. Owner posted overseae. First offer near £145. 188. Banlow Road, Totley. 19210 PAIR LUCAS. WINDTONES, SO,. Set ” Tygnsi ” seat covers off 1952 Prefect, 25. Set ” Ace wheel di-see, 21 in. Good 16, 18, 19, 20-in. tyres. Gond miscellaneous magnetos. Lea-Francie half-shaft, etc. Good Morris Minor cc. 2-seater, .865. Millend Hotel. Chagford, Devonshire. [9211

1949 FORD TEN SPECIAL, professionally-built body, costing 2350. Very Tam, good mechanically. £175. Tel.: Felixstowe 737. [9212

ninTYPE M.G. cherish complete with radiator. front wings, lamps, bulkhead, steering., good engine. gearbox and tyres, £6.5. ” K” arid ‘ .1 ” cranks and cylinder heads. 18 in. and 19-in. wheels-, £3. Twin spare adapter. £2. Lucas magneto, £3 10.s. Wanted : .8-36 etraight-tooth e.w.p. for Q-type. C. H. Fender. Manor Road, Seafood, near Chester [9213

M.G. TO, October. 1951. Immaculate. Radio, rim belfishern; 16,300 miles; perfect condition. .e600. M.G. Magnette NA. 1936. 2-seater. 1953 conditior in every owned by reverend gentleman time 1938. £3110. Alvis Speed Twenty 2.door saloon a *cry attraCtive car; wheels rebuilt to 17 in. with new tyres and tubes. E165. 6, Pahneira Avenue Tel.: Have 35438. 19214 SUPERCHARGER BARGAINS (ex-R.A.F.). Cabin blowers (Rootn-Marehall Mark 12), in new. unused condition. 2-in, inlet and discharge ports, with manifolds fitted: suitable 8 LO 12 £15 each, packed and carriage paid. C.W.O. Also complete sets of castings end sundry fittinge. pulleys, boost gauges, ‘(‘belts, etc.. to convert to standard appearance of Marshall installations for wont popular types of cars (cheap). Parkes Autos, The Buckholt, near Monmouth (Wales). [9218 12-VOLT DYNAMOS, C.A.V., clockwise, A.V.C. type ( stew condition), with mounting brackete, suit most makes, 83 10s. Ford VS LUCA% 8-cylinder magnetos (almost new). £4. Brand new boost gaugea, luminous dial, calibrated –8 to 16 or —8 to I 24 lb., eornplete with capillary tubing. 12s. 63. each. All prices include carriage and packing, Send C.W.O. to : Parkes Antos. Buckholt, near Monmouth. [9220 MORRIS MINOR, 1934. 2-seater tourer. Lucklmeds, sleeved engine; back main rumbles slightly, body excellent. £80, o.n.o. Stony Clicwton, Bolt-spur

Close, Beaconefield, Bucks. [9229 RILEY-1.1-LITRE saloon, 1933. Fitted Cozetin supercharger. Condition and performance good. £215. Maclean, 11, Broxbourne Avenue, E.18. (9223 TO FIT P OR J-TYPE M.G.—Complete supercharger installation and water pump. No reasonable offer refused. Nicholson, Frogrove Cottage, Wood street, Guildford. [9224 LAGONDA 44, black 2-door sport a antrum. 1934 cheek*. 1936 1.0.45 engine, fitted last svinter, Davies Motors. Appearance and mechanical condition excellent, including new Exidea. Andre telecontrols. vaeurim servo braking, dual ignition. Ncarc,t £260. or exchange 41 rirophead or tourer. Tel.: Hartley Wintney 213. [9225 FOR SALE—continued

SINGER NINE sports 4-seater, 1933. Good condition. Spare block and pistons included. E100, o.n.o. 1$, Falconwood Avenue, Welling, Kent. Weekends or after I p.m. [9226 RILEY MONACO, 1933, crash box, twin S.U.s, economical, very sound throughout. After 15.8.53. £140. Wilkinson, 61, Rowan Road. Sutton Gold


A 730-e.e. SPECIAL Singer charade, streamlii9n2Q2-.7 aluminium body. Good order. Cheap for quirk sale. Trevone, Quayside Road, Bitterne Manor, Southampton. HUMBER, 1926, 12•11.P. 4-iteatcr tourer, in ig990o2d9 working order. LSO. Evernhed, Coneyhurst, Hambledon Road, Godedming. Tel.: 1960. [9230 ALFA-HOMEO. ZAGATO 1,750-e.e. blown 2-neater. First-class condition throughout. New hood, tonlleaU. batteries, tyres. e430. Write : ” Aehpoole ” Northall, Dunstable. 9 1940 M.G. TB MIDGET. B.R.G. Reconditilon2ei1 d throughout. Radio, tonneau, spot and fog-lampa, windrones and Altette. Splendid performance. Showroom condition. Bargain nearest £360. 80, Aragon Road, Monica, Surrey. Tel.: Dement

3908, TABOT 105, 1937, saloon. Engine recently io9v2e3r2hauled,. New cur being delivered. Consider exchange for email car as second string. Boa No. H233. MOTOR Sinner, 1$. City Road, E.C.1.

XK120, 1951. One faididioue owner. Immaculate condition, sound mechanically. Radio, heater, spotlight. chronic luggage grid. trickle-charger screen clean, extra set of part-worn tyres, no competitions. Recellulosed racing green 1952; fawn upholstery. Taxed end of year. Mileage 24,000. £1,200. Mitchell, Tel.: City 3606. Oxted ISO.

LAGONDA 16/80 tourer. Complete engine and Eg9e2a3r4box overhaul 1,500 miles ago. Respreyed, new hood, tonneau. Truly immaculate. Above average performance. Owner now driving Rapide. SaC(91255e9e M £265. Tel.: Woodward, Park 5095. ALVfS FIREFLY sabot., 1033. Green. Rebuilt last year. Good tyres. Box No. 11235, Moron

SPORT, 15, City Road. E.C.I. [9235 BENTLEY 44-LITRE 4-seater, V.D.P. tourer; aluminium body, wind-up side windows. New hood, clutch, Bosch starter. Maintained by MacKenzie. First registered 1937. Chassis No. RC 45. Genuine 68.500. £525, or near offer. Wingate, The Catherine Wheel, Newbury, Berke.

CADILLAC V8 engine, gearbox. all accessories, £10, o.n.o. Breaking Ford V8, 22 h.p.. all parte clean. Farmer, 10, Delamere Road, Portsmouth. [9238 AUBURN roadster. fitted 14.9 Ford. Rebuilt throughout. Excellent performance. Looks and reliability. £90, drive away. 90, Gosterwood

Street, London. 5.E.8. [9239 M.G. J2. Engine, gearbox, clutch, brakes, steering, dynamo reconditioned; battery renewed; all in last year. Hood and tyres sound. Good.looker in grey with maroon wings. Goes well£150. Crane, 62, Cranbury Road. Failharn. BUGATTI TYPE 57 sports sal [9240

taboo.3.3 twin o.h.c. Superb condition. Offers. Wallace. 27. Thaxted Way, Waltham Abbey. Tel.: Walthaut Coons (29123431. after 7.30.

£35, O.N.O.—Vintage Singer Senior. 1427, 2-mater. dickey. Goes well, body good, hood a bit shot at. Radtett (Herta) 6220. [9242

RILEY MONACO, 1934. Preselector, wound. Nearest £120. 25, Nethereourt Avenue, Finehley, N.3. [9243 RILEY NINE. 1929, breaking. All spares available. all in good condition. New lamps, new battery.

Mr. Bogen, 159. Streatham Vale, Streathnm, S.W.16. B.S.A. SCOUT, 1935, 2-seater. Overhauled1.92r4e4 sprayed. £130. o.n.o. Tel.; POLlarde 6480. [1_245 ROLLS TWENTY Hooper saloon. Good condition. £190, 0.O.0. Anderson, Sla. Netherhall Gardens,

Hampstead. N. W.3. [9246 MORRIS EIGHT 2.senter, 1935. Excellent condition, windtonee, etc. £125, o.n.o. Exchange saloon. Box No. H247. Merton SPORT, 15. City Road, E.C.1. [9247 FRAZER-NASII.B.M.W., TYPE 45, convertible saloon, {.,/ tattle. £100. Cobb, Teebnioal Staff Mess, 11.A.E.. Farnborough. [924n FIAT 509A, 1929, SWALLOW saloon. Good mechanical condition, new tyres. body need. repairs. Also most spares from two others. For details write to Nosey, New Bungalow. The COMMOR, Bristol. 19253

ALLARD, semi razor-edge. pillarlean, sports saloon. Perfect condition, fast and reliable. Fitted many extra,. imluding latest type grille and P.700 lighting. An exclusive and elegant vehicle at the very refiner-gable price of £483. Eceleston. 47, Warstone Lane. Birmingham. 18. Tel.: CEN 6220. after 7 p.m. AC() 1028. [9254 AMILCAR, 1927, fitted with M.G. 8-h.p. engine, well shod. £50, o.n.o. Neal, 106. Squirrels Heath Lem., Hortichturch.. [9255 FOR SALE-continued

S.S. 20-11.P.’ 1935, ‘ports saloon, 1125. S. Foster.

1. Freeland Street, Battersea, S.W.11. 19109 8-H.P. DE BIOS, single-cylinder, 1907. Taxed. Photo., Bacon. 21, Main Road, Seaton. Workington. (9111 MORRIS FIFTEEN tourer, 1930. Good engine; not elegant but provides reliable transport. /40. J. Holland, Bibury, Cirencester. Gloucestershire. [9112

TWO LANCIA DILAMBDAS, one rebuilt, one broken for spares. cost /240, bills ‘drown; £80. Two Telbole, 14/45 models, one broken for spares; 155. Goode, 262. Luton Road, Dunstable, Beds. [9113

RILEY, 1935 model, 14-litre Falcon. tie-ip-raYed sage green, deep green wings. Good Chrome and interior. Mechanically sound. Taxed. 1175, o.n.o. Bond, Tel.: Larkswood 5029. 19114 ALV/S SPEED TWENTY, Vanden Plus drophead, 1935. Well above average condition. £270. Tel.: Loeksheath (Boats) 2333. [9115 SPORTS TOURER. Hillman Minx foursome, 1934, outstanding condition. Attractive modern coachwork, extensively reconditioned mechanically. Economiesil. Extras /160. Exchange Ford Ten saloon providing equal condition, cash adjustment later model.. Barrett, Barn House, Kirten Skeldyke,

Bottom [9116 MORRIS EIGHT SPARES, door, etc. Hillman Fourteen gearbox parts. Minx crown.wheel (new), 16-i0. wheel, tyre, front axle. Gallon R.” Various books, MOTOR Srostrs. Beningtoo, The Twitteri.

Crowborongh, Sussex. (9117 RILEY GAMECOCK, terrefully restored original condition am’ presented to wife, who doesn’t like it. No expense has been spared. Will part reluctantly at £165. Woodhouse. Springfield. Denby, Yorks. fells

LAGONDA ENGINE, 2-LITRE, 1932, dismantled. new pietons, believed complete; also gearbox rind steering column. Offers. Jerrnni, The Oval, Oftdby. Leiceater. [9119 NEAR-COMPLETE SPECIAL. Very potent Amtin engine. h.l. cams, divided inlets. VIcarburetter. 4-speed, multi-tubular frame incorporating AUFti Seven bide-members. double wishbo