Another Satisfied 2c.v. Owner

With regard to Mr. Banks’ attack on the 2 cv. and subsequent letters — I took delivery of one of these delightful little cars shortly after, and largely as a result of, the road teat by the Editor of Motor Sport. I can only say that I heartily agree with every word of his test report; the case for the car has not been overstated in the least!

I find it a small car of very strong personality and it is quite fascinating to drive: It gives so very much for so little; and makes even the most humdrum journeys quite an adventure.

I get 62/63 m.p.g. if I drive normally and find it impossible to get less than 60 m.p.g. even if it is driven mercilessly.

The suspension is quite superb. I like the steering, which has quite a vintage-feel, and the engine is becoming smoother with every mile covered.

One is not passed on the road nearly as often as one would imagine, and there is very little difference in time on the average main-road journey compared with more powerful cars.

Maintenance is very simple — four grease nipples every 1,000 miles, cost 1s. 6d., compared with the usual 25 nipples and 10s. 6d. of its competitors. It reminds me very much in “feel” of my previous car, an Aprilia, in which I covered 67,000 miles, and in its different way is just as much fun to drive.

I infinitely prefer it to any British car which I could have bought for the same price, and am certain that it will still be a good motor car when it has covered a really big mileage, say 100,000 miles. I know of no British car in the same price range of which one could say same.

I am Yours; etc.,.
E. O. Wanliss, Major.