Club News, August 1955

Westmorland M.C.
The Westmorland Motor Club’s Summer Regularity Trial for cars and motor-cycles was run over 76 miles of main and secondary roads in north, east and south Westmorland on Sunday, July 3rd. There were 13 cars and 3 motor-cycles started and all competitors completed the course. Special test times were used to decide the winner of the car contingent.

1st: C. Hall (Morgan) 7 marks lost.
2nd: Broomby (Hillman Minx) 7 marks lost.
3rd: M. Baines (Triumph TR2) 11 marks lost.

Team Award: C. Hall (Morgan), M. Baines (TR2), J. M. Nuttall (M.G.). Marks lost 62.

Birmingham Young Conservative M.C.
Members of the Club had quite a full week-end. On Saturday, July 2nd, the Club borrowed the Appleton Special as a show-piece for their stand at the Conservative Fete in Highbury Park. The car, kindly loaned by the present owner Mr. John Churchley of Monkspath Garage, Shirley, attracted much attention and even Mr. Geoffrey Lloyd was seen examining the engine very closely. The Appleton Special, originally built by John Appleton in 1935, has a Maserati chassis and a much modified Riley 1,100-c.c. engine, which in blown form produces over 180 b.h.p.

On Sunday, July 3rd, 21 entrants gathered at Wythall for the start of the East Midlands Rally — an event designed to test the Navigator’s skill to the limit. One entrant disappeared on the first section and was not seen subsequently — we hope to find him next year! The observation section caused many puzzled frowns. One problem was to locate a certain piece of contemporary furniture — in fact a new public bench — but one competitor in a flash of inspiration put down the name of a local woodworking firm — only to find afterwards that the firm in question actually made chicken runs.

1st: Marion Herringshaw (Ford Popular). No points lost.
2nd: Victor Brindley (M.G., TA). 1 point lost.
3rd: D. Bilsby (Morris Oxford), Pauline Dickens (Austin A30), Nigel Anderson (Renault 750). 5 points lost.
Team Prize: Stourbridge Branch — Lynda Turner (Austin A40), Pauline Dickens (Austin A 30), E. Jenkins (Morris Minor).

Rapier Register
The Southern Meeting was held on Sunday, June 19th. Despite weather which can only be described as disgraceful, a good number of very nicely-prepared cars assembled at Ranmore Common, near Dorking, where members consumed their fodder under raised hoods. In the afternoon a somewhat novel but kindly form of entertainment had been arranged amongst the by-ways of Surrey and Sussex, and tea was taken at a pleasant hostelry near Fletching. Despite the downpour everyone gave the impression of having a really good time and the enjoyment was much enhanced by the presence of the President — the designer of the Rapier car — who was very pleased to see the excellent condition of the cars and whose comments were, needless to say, of great value to all present.

Romford Enthusiasts Car Club — Speed Hill-Climb
The Romford Enthusiasts Car Club held their first speed event on Sunday, June 19th, at Stapleford Aerodrome, The course used was a tortuous half-mile stretch with an up gradient from start to finish. Rain fell during the day so that speeds were reduced, especially of the faster cars, although the wetness made the course more exciting and a number of Romford over-enthusiasts found themselves facing down-hill after the nasty first corner. Geoff Calcott in his TC M.G. in a high state of tune put up an exceptional performance in gaining f.t.d. and his class award, and in doing so beat Rumfitt’s 3,622-c.c. Grenville Special and the Mercury-engined M.G. (so-called) of Michael Gray.

The Dolomite Associatioin
This association, which was formed some months ago, is now fully organised and offers considerable facilities to owners of pre-war Triumph Gloria, Vitesse and Dolomite cars.

The Club caters for members situated all over the country and provides spare-parts officers in Yorkshire and Hertfordshire and a maintenance officer in Hampshire. Members can also obtain technical data and social events will be arranged.

The subscription is £1 Is. for the first year (including badge) and 10s. 6d. per annum thereafter. Full particulars from the Secretary, Mrs. M. Blackburn, The Cottage, Syke Lane, Ogden, Halifax, Yorks.

Fiat 500 Club
The Fiat 500 Club, after more than six years’ existence and having enjoyed a very enthusiastic membership of owners of these little cars, have recently had many requests to include the new Fiat 600. After discussion, it has now been agreed that the Fiat 500 Club should accept Fiat 600 owners wishing to become members.

Sporting Car Club of Norfolk
The annual driving tests of the Sporting Car Club of Norfolk were held on Swannington Aerodrome on Sunday, June 19th. The twenty-one competitors drove through six tests twice, the aggregate times counting. G. Tibbenham put up the best performance driving his M.G. TF neatly and fast with little wheel spin, but a 1927 Austin Seven was too enthusiastically driven and rolled over on its side.

Closed, up to 1,600 c.c.:
R. Goddard (Ford Anglia).
Closed, over 1,600 c.c.: R. Winch (Jaguar).
Open, up to 1,600 c.c.: G. Tibbenham (M.G. TF).
Open, over 1,600 c.c.: D. R. Burrell (Triumph TR2).
Ladies’ award: Mrs. B. K. Burrell (Triumph TR2).

Maidstone & Mid-Kent M.C.
The Hastings Rally on June 18/20th qualified for the B.T.D.A. Rally Silver Star. There were 67 entries two non-starters. The Rally was most successful with only two clean sheets on the Rally section, P. A. Barden and D. Bailey.

The route started from Brands Hatch Stadium on Friday evening at 8.30 after four tests on the circuit. The 400-mile route took competitors through Kent and Sussex. On the route were seven controls and time-checks, boards at route-checks gave numbers which, when put together, indicated either a control or time-check by six-figure reference. The two controls at the “Tudor House,” Bearsted, and “Broadwater Forest,” Tunbridge Wells, were kept busy throughout the night as competitors visited these two controls, three times each. The first car arrived at Hastings on Saturday at 12.40 p.m. for the first test at Richmond Hill; this was a 1 in 6 gradient, three pylons were placed on the hill, cars had to weave in and out and finish in a box; this hill was included in the results.

The cars then left for Hastings from where a further three tests were held. A very successful Rally made very enjoyable for all by excellent weather throughout.

On Sunday the Concours d’Elegance was held on the Princes Parade; there were 22 entries. The Maidstone Challenge Trophy (premier award) was won by Mrs, M. Hickman in a beautifully-turned-out 1935 Austin Seven sports — Mrs. Hickman being very smart in an outfit of matching colours.

Swansea Motor Club
Thirty cars took part in the Charles Cup Rally which started from Fairwood Aerodrome on Sunday, June 26th.

The course led them over 160 miles up through Velindre, Ammanford, Llangadock, Llandilo to Sennybridge and on. This Rally was the first that Swansea Motor Club has done so far where the route-cards were not given until after the start, competitors drove to a given point within view and picked up instructions. A navigator’s award for the first in each class was given and to qualify for this they had to answer a questionnaire provided by the organisers with questions on the Highway Code and observations on the countryside.

There were three special tests, one en route and two at Fairwood at the end. No cars came through without loss of marks and a few retired, whilst others at the finish gave the impression of having been through the Welsh “Monte Carlo,” which pays tribute to the organisers who worked very hard because everyone enjoyed it.