Pictorial Review

British Grand Prix
E.C.C.C. Snetterton
Brands Hatch
M.C.C. Silverstone
V.C.C. Jubilee Rally
750 M.C. Relay Race

Top, left: British Hope. — Harry Schell, after retiring in his Vanwall Special, put on a most impressive display in the car Wharton had been driving, to get home ninth and last — but at least a finisher, the only British car to do so.

Top, right: Good Boy. — Karl Kling handled his medium-wheelbase Mercedes-Benz extremely well at Aintree, finished third, ahead of Taruffi, in a magnificent I, 2, 3, 4 Mercedes-Benz finish. He completed the full 90 lops.

Bottom: First Britisher to Win the British Grand Prix. — Stirling Moss drove impeccably to win his first Grand Prix in the short-chassis Monaco-type Mercedes-Benz at the “Daily Telegraph”/B.A.R,C. British G.P. at Aintree. He averaged 86.47 m.p.h. and set a new lap record of 89.7 m.p.h., finishing half-a-length ahead of Fangio.

Giant Killer,— The 1,100-c.c. rear-engined Cooper, here seen being driven by J. Russell, went so well that it was faster than many much larger cars. It was only 7 m.p.h. slower than the race winner at Snetterton.

Fast Motoring.— Archie Scott-Brown in the background, driving the Lister-Bristol, with D. B. Sidwell in the Swallow Doretti keeping clear.

Past and Present. — J. Mason’s 1,095-c.c. Riley, showed what it lost on the straight it could gain on the corner. It is here right up beside R. Bidewell (TF M.G.), at the E.C.M.C. Race Meeting at Snetterton.

Speed Lady. — Miss Angela Brown in an Aston Martin at the E.C.M.C. Race Meeting at Snetterton. She gave a very good performance in the second scratch race, coming second. In the hundred-mile race she topped to give assistance to Abecassis who had crashed.

”Hundred” Away. — Roy Salvadori has already passed out of the camera’s view, In the picture Abecassis (H.W.M.) is being followed by Scott-Brown (Lister-Bristol), and the the C-Type Jaguars of Smith, Protheroe and Bland. Scott-Brown’s superb cornering enabled him to show the more powerful cars a clean pair of heels.

TR2 Waltz. — On the first lap of the Triumph TR2 race, the middle and rear of the field gave a demonstation of this new waltz as they came round the hairpin.

Riley Man. — P. J. E. Binns, in the 1,087-c.c. Riley in which he won the Motor Sport Trophy Handicap.

The Maestro Himself. — S. Lewis-Evans, driving a Cooper Norton at Brands Hatch, on July 10th.

Famous Star of the film “Genevieve,” is seen resting during the V.C.C. Silver Jubilee Rally, beside R. Bonni’s Zebre, a French entry wearing two different competition numbers.

Fast Cornering! — The 1903 two-cylinder chain-driven Winton getting along well in Bishops Cleeve, with thatched cottage and modern Sunbeam as a background.

Model-Ts Meet. — A 1925 Model-T Ford van laden with hardwear photographed beside A. Coffin’s 1915 model-T Ford, during the V.C.C. Silver Jubilee Rally.

Easy Does It. — M. J. Parkes, in the much modified Frazer-Nash coming round Beckett’s Corner at the M.C.C. meeting.

Steady Driving. — L. E. Hall’s B.M.W. seen near Beckett’s Corner, performing in the second one-hour trial for cars in the M.C.C. face meeting at Silverstone.

Master. — Fangio showing moss the way round Aintree circuit on the occasion of Daimler-Benz’s convincing demonstration of supremacy in G.P. racing.

Sprots-Car Leader. — R. Salvadori driving through the Melling Crossing at Aintree to lead his three team-mates and win the 17-lap sports-car race for Aston-Martin.

Aintree Line-Up. — The start of the 17-lap Formula III race on the morning of the British Grand Prix, with the permanent grandstands of the Liverpool circuit as a background. Bueb, (No. 6) gets a good start from the front row, with Russell (on his left) close up and Fergusson and Boshier-Jones well away.

English Contenders For G.P. Honours. — Roy Salvadori corners the Gilby Eng. Co. Maserati ahead of Brabham’s new F.1. Cooper with oversize, rear-placed Bristol engine, during the British G.P. at Aintree.

Driving Styles at Aintree, — Top, left: Fangio; Top, right: Taruffi; Bottom, left: Musso; Bottom, right: Mieres.

Coming Up. — W. A. Liddell’s Coventry-Climax-engined Buckler DD1 of the Casuals Team was fourth fastest car in the 750 M.C. Relay Race. It is here seen catching C. R. Hanson’s rather slow Austin Healey.

Heavy Metal. — Lord Ebury cornering his 100-m.p.h. low-chassis 4 ½-litre Invicta at modified MAggotts Corner during the relay race, followed by an Austin-Healey and Dr. C. D. MacCarthay’s D.J.W. Sonderklasse.

Le Mans-Style Start. — This year’s 750 M.C. Six-Hour Relay Race gets under way, with J. F. Dalton’s very fast Austin-Healey in the lead from E. Protheroe’s C-type Jaguar of the Scratch Team. The race was good value but the grandstands present a very different appearance from Grand Prix days.

Close Company. — T. W. Dargue’s M.G. Special follows an Alvis and H.E. Rumsey’s Triumph TR2 at Maggotts during the relay race. The Alvis broke a rear spring, which was replaced by one from the team manager’s saloon.

On Maggots as it was laid out for the relay race, D. A. Payne’s Triumph TR2, in the team which finished third, leads W. D. Bertram in one of the many Morgan Plus Four entries, one of which lost a stub-axle at the end of the race.