Porsche Points

The general specification of the Porsche is given in the data table; below we publish a few additional facts that will be of interest to the technically minded.

The Super 75 engine gives 86 ft. lb. torque at 3,700 r.p.m. and develops 47.4 h.p. per litre (D.I.N.).

The 3-piece crankcase is of light alloy, the cylinders of cast iron, with light alloy heads. The forged crankshaft runs in four main bearings.

The cooling fan is driven by a V-belt through the dynamo, which runs at approx. 1.8 times crankshaft speed. The fan feeds air over the cylinder barrels at a rate of 290 cub. ft. a second at 2,000 r.p.m. and at 580 cub. ft. per sec. at 4,000 r.p.m.

There is full pressure lubrication with a full-flow oil cooler and by-pass Fram filter. The sump holds approx. 3 quarts of lubricant, the complete engine approx. 5 quarts.

The ignition setting at full advance is 5° b.t.d.c. and the test car was using Bosch W225 plugs.

Valve timing is:—inlet opens 17° b.t.d.c., closes 53° a.b.d.c.; exhaust opens 50° b.t.d.c., closes 14° a.t.d.c. Tappet setting =0.040 in.

The electrical system is 6 volt, with an 84 amp./hr. battery and 200 watt current and voltage regulator. There are 12 fuses, under the facia in the driving compartment.