Special rally for American antique cars

Despite the world-wide enthusiasm for veteran and vintage cars generally, the American automobile has been largely neglected in Great Britain. In an attempt to fill this gap, the Montagu Motor Museum is sponsoring a Rally and Concours d’Elegance for pre-World War Two American cars, to be held at Beaulieu on Sunday, September 8th.

This will be open to all American and Canadian private cars made up to, and including, the 1942 model year, and also to British-built Fords of the following types: T, A, AF, B, BF and 30-h.p. V8. Anglicised American cars—e.g., Brough Superior, Railton, Jensen and Lammas—will be eligible, if made during the relevant period.

All inquiries to: The Administrator, Montagu Motor Museum, Beaulieu, Brockenhurst, Hants. (Tel.: Beaulieu 374).