Vintage miscellany, August 1963

A 1915 Trumbull chassis has turned up in Warwickshire and details are requested of what kind of body it had. Data is also sought concerning the ex-Bruce Halford Riley T.T. Sports Sprite, AVC 17, thought to be a 1936 or ’37 works team-car.

During August an exhibition will be held at Palace House, Beaulieu, of the works of Charles Sykes, lent by his daughter. Mr. Sykes was the sculptor of the Rolls-Royce “Silver Lady” mascot, the Montagu Cup that was contested at Brooklands, and other motoring objets d’art.

To celebrate Henry Ford’s centenary, Ford apprentices have built a working replica of the original 1896 2-cylinder Ford quadricycle, which was demonstrated to the Press at the Crystal Palace on July 29th last.

Recent discoveries include an 1896(?) Daimler engine on Deeside, an Essex at a Scottish farm, and derelict specimens of s.v. Vauxhall. blower-4 1/2 Bentley and R.-R. Phantom I chassis. The Editor has acquired a 1927 water-cooled Morgan J.A.P. that had been jacked-up in a shed in Kent for the past ten years.