The right crowd


I find the two letters from Messrs. Gosnell (in particular) and Bruce most objectionable. Why the puerile comment upon beards?

Presumably Messrs. G. & B. went to the meeting to see cars. One of the most interesting was the Osca, to see which, were it not for the Martini team, they would have had to go to Australia. That it was not running properly was unfortunate, but it has not long been in this country, is exceedingly complex, and will no doubt improve. It was in fact in a very much worse state when it arrived here and it did at least appear at the meeting, unlike several other of the more sophisticated historic cars that were entered, and whose non-attendance must surely have caused disappointment to many.

I know that a very great deal of hard work had been put in by the “Bearded band of Goons” (did Mr. Gosnell call them this to their faces?) in order to be there at all, and they were as unhappy as anyone with the result of their efforts.

Whatever the result they had much more right to be in the paddock area than either of their critics.

Members of the present Martini team have actively supported V.S.C.C. race meetings for many years and have competed abroad, winning the Stresa-Mottarone Hill-Climb with the “scruffy-looking” Invicta.

I am not connected with the Martini team, I have no beard, and I have not until recently been a drinker of Martini. If any sausage or washing powder firms care to import some more important cars I shall be pleased to support them by buying their products. I have always had a particular liking for “Cordon Rouge.”