Comments on Rallye Renault


With reference to your review of the Rallye Renault (May 30th), may I mention:

(a) although Mr. Crabbe's name appeared as the entrant of the "45," I believe it was sold to A. N. Other who has, in turn, offered it for sale (see MOTOR SPORT July "wanted" adverts, 4th slot) and I understand that he was having magneto frying bothers, which may have accounted for the staccato progress

(b) vintage class-winner P. Hoyland's NN 1 Tourer (1928) has (following subsequent Renault records' investigation) proved to be a 1925 model

(c) the dashboard on "the other" NN 1 Tourer (1928) was "guess" rebuilt by the owner (Ray Base, a Club member) since the original was mutilated beyond repair and he could not obtain a photograph or drawing of the original shape before rebuilding the part

(d) the two BCF-2 Celtaquatre 12.1s may have been a bit scruffy, but, in one case (the black 1938 model), there was ample excuse. The owner is a schoolboy (and so all his pocket-money has to be hoarded together to keep the car on the road) and he has only had the car for few a months, although it has been in the family since new. But, above all this, he turned up in the car solely to spectate and was "persuaded" into the concours when he arrived having done literally not one scrap of preparation whatsoever. I might add that he is a most enthusiastic Renaultphile and, having seen the car again the other evening, I suspect that the tidying up progress carried out over the intervening weeks will make the car a force to be reckoned with in club concours in the foreseeable future.

As a matter of interest, we also have another schoolboy who has got hold of a 1927 NN 1 Tourer with dickey-seat which he intends to restore in the near future.

Who said a Renault didn't keep you young!

H. C. Mackenzie-Wintle.
Wokingham. (V. & V. Section Co-Ordinator—Renault O.C.)