With reference to the letters of Bill Baxter of Mettoy (Corgi) and Joseph .Xuereb (Malta) in your June edition on the subject of model ears and model car kits in Metal. Mr. Baxter's letter is refreshing in its honesty and frankness but we can hardly agree that all modern production cars are uninteresting when reduced to small "toy" scale. One merely is sad to see the days pass when Corgi were able to produce a passable Ferrari LM, "nostril" nose Phil Hill Fl and Lotus F1 to say nothing of their fine Cooper-Maserati. The problems of making such models in today's market are appreciated— but we can't help being sorry that these circumstances should prevent manufacturers like Corgi from making more of today's cars. We appreciate the market conditions but would point out that Solido (France) and Schuco (Germany) do feel that today's cars are worthwhile.

Mr. Xuereb must have been buying some pretty odd models to have come up with comments like "detail non-existent or very faint". There are indeed some small-scale metal kits on the market which are very poor indeed and also some vastly overpriced monstrosities. By studying reviews, however, and catalogues which give value for money ratings Mr. 'Xuereb should be able to avoid the rubbish and obtain value for money. There are good and had models, if he likes to buy from a reputable -company he will have (as should all buyers) a money-back guarantee and therefore should be able to experiment with the products of various makers until he finds those which satisfy his demand for accuracy. I would hasten to point out, however, that if he watches the Miniatures News section of Motor Sport he will find that the author of that small section has fine taste and will not accept rubbish without saying so.

We are personally worried that the sponsorship of lull-size racing cars by model car manufacturers will bring to our small industry many newcomers who may unwittingly buy some of the rubbish that is offered. To them May we say, if you are not pleased with what you get for your money do not condemn the whole of this cottage industry because the products of one maker do not satisfy you? Ask for your money back and continue the Search for a manufacturer who can give accuracy, detail, ease of building and value for money. There are one or two and their models have pleased many owners of the full-size cars they have modelled including Paul Frere, the late Graham Hill and many others.

Thank you Motor Sport for keeping up the good work and in recent months for increasing your coverage of European Sports Car Racing. The racing itself may still not he what we would all wish but it appears that you have now realised that many readers are as interested in the actual ears as in the races!

BRIAN R HARVEY Grand Prix Models, Radlett,